Behind the Scenes of Episode 515: Target

By | Feb 19th, 2013


Hasim's Apartment 
"Hasim was an ex-Saudi military guy posing as a student. He had an allowance of 25K per month so we gave him an upscale apartment that he could afford, marble hallways and all." -- Chris Farmer, Production Designer

Office Building
"The Office building is where Alexis and Sara El Masri were being held. The hallways had to be nondescript so as not to give any clue as to it's location. So we only used symbols and signage to keep it generic. The layout of the rooms were designed specifically for the choreographed action." --  Chris Farmer, Production Designer
Holding Room
"Again, completely nondescript but scary. Dark and confined. We placed mattresses on the ceiling, wrapped in plastic and mesh, to act as an ominous barrier. -- Chris Farmer, Production Designer