Behind the Scenes of Episode 516: Hunt

By | Feb 25th, 2013


Le Taupe's Basement
"The Mole's underground lair was built on a sound stage. We used reference from Paris basements and tunnels to create the 'listening post'. Andrew Marlowe and Rob Bowman described Le Taupe's work area as a 'pipe organ' of sound equipment where he sat in an 'Aural cocoon' able to hear every minuscule sound so we picked a spot in the set and had everything radiate out from there.  All of the wires, pipes, conduit and cables went up and out along the ceiling to points unknown; out to the Parisian streets. It was a very fun set for us!" -- Chris Farmer, Production Designer

Hunt's Hotel
"Our location manager in Paris shot some images of a typical 2-star hotel with a great view of the Eiffel Tower. As is very common with these top floor hotel rooms in Paris there are sloped ceilings and exposed beams. We followed these cues for Hunt's H.Q. and gave him a strong red and black color scheme along with original french furnishings." -- Chris Farmer, Production Designer

Paris Sewer
"Also built on a sound stage, the sewer featured amazing scenic artist work. Lot's of aging, dirt, grime, water and cobwebs really made the sewer set stand out. Nice work team!" -- Chris Farmer, Production Designer