Behind the Scenes of Episode 521: The Squab and the Quail

By | Apr 24th, 2013
Hotel Suite Living Room
"New York skyscrapers were my inspiration for this set. I wanted it to feel like contemporary version of the Art Deco that NY is famous for. "
Production Designer Alfred Sole

Hotel Suite Bedroom
"One of the most important things about the Hotel Suite was to make it rich and sexy especially the bedroom. In the script our character is trying to seduce Beckett. I wanted Castle to feel very uncomfortable when he came into the Suite." 
Production Designer Alfred Sole

Vaughan Alliance
"The hardest part of the Vaughan was that construction was happening just outside the windows. To solve the problem I created a giant graphic which hid the construction. If you look closely however some of those beams and posts are the real thing." 
Production Designer Alfred Sole