100 Reasons to Love Castle

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 Season Two

11. Castle apologizes for violating his partner’s trust regarding her mom’s murder in “Deep in Death.” Beckett says she’ll see him tomorrow. It’s just enough to let Castle know they are a team once again.

12. Castle is always a writer at heart. In “The Double Down,” he says, “Whoever murdered her also murdered the English language.”

13. In “Inventing the Girl,” Castle learns that the girl who used to babysit Alexis is now a fashion model. They used to watch High School Musical together. The babysitter and Alexis. Not Castle. At least, we assume not Castle.

14. “Shut the front door” is uttered by Beckett for the first time in “Fool Me Once…” Castle responds, “No time for dirty talk.” Love it!

15. In “When the Bough Breaks,” Castle is tapped to re-launch a franchise about a British secret agent, He says, “I don’t know that I’m ready to walk away from Nikki Heat.” Also, Beckett learns that Castle called her “extraordinary” in his book dedication.

16. In “Vampire Weekend,” Castle considers dressing up as a space cowboy for Halloween. It’s a role Nathan Fillion could certainly play with a certain degree of serenity.

17. Oh, the banter. In “Famous Last Words,” Castle asks, “Do I look like a killer to you?” Beckett responds, “Yes, you kill my patience.”

18. More banter. This time it’s from “Kill the Messenger.” Martha asks, “How superficial do you think I am?” Castle answers, “Intensely.”

19. In “Love Me Dead,” Castle says, “Check out this guy. Archibald Spinx. Five counts of attempted murder. One count of indecent exposure. You don’t suppose he tried to kill him with his…”

20. In “One Man’s Treasure,” Alexis gets an internship down at the station. When she finds a crime victim’s sentimental photo album, she tracks down the owner’s grateful daughter. Castle was happy having his daughter working near him, but this moment also made him very proud.

21. Banter from “The Fifth Bullet”:

Ryan: “C.S.U.’s re-swept the scene twice. No sign of our fifth bullet.

Castle: “I’m telling you…ice bullet.

Esposito: “Nah, bro, an ice bullet would still make a bullet hole.”

Ryan: “You mean ice hole.”

Castle: “What did you call me?”

22. A bridesmaid is murdered in “A Rose for Everafter.” The bride happens to be Kyra Blaine. For Castle, she’s the one that got away. He perks up when the blushing bride tosses her bouquet only to have it land in Beckett’s hands.

23. In “Sucker Punch,” Beckett says, “If you tell anyone what I’m about to say, there’s going to be another shooting, but I’ve gotten used to you pulling my pigtails. I have a hard job, Castle, and having you around makes it a little more fun.” Love the “pigtails” part.

24. In “The Third Man,” Castle and Beckett solve the case, but realize they bailed on their dates before eating dinner. So when Castle suggests they grab a burger, Beckett thinks it’s a good idea. You could even say…it’s a date!

25. In “Suicide Squeeze,” Beckett gets super-giddy when she meets Joe Torre. It’s nice to see that side of her. Another cool moment is when Alexis offers to play catch with Castle since this is something he never got to do with his own dad.

26. In “The Mistress Always Spanks Twice,” Beckett says, “Hi, my name is Kate and my boyfriend has been a very bad boy. His name’s Ricky.” Gulp!

27. In “Tick, Tick, Tick…,” Esposito says, “Pancakes is not just breakfast. It’s an edible way of saying thank you so much for last night.” Pancakes come up often in Castle. Of course, the big moment in this episode is when Beckett’s apartment blows up as Castle watches helplessly from the street.

28. In “Boom!,” Castle covers Beckett’s naked body with his coat (he didn’t look) to escape her blown up apartment. Later, the FBI’s Jordan Shaw says, “He cares about you, Kate. You may not see it. You may not be ready to, but he does.”

29. In “Wrapped Up in Death,” Castle thinks he’s cursed especially after an attack dog chomps out the back of his pants. Beckett shoots a furtive glance at his exposed backside as he walks away.

30. In “The Late Shaft,” Castle believes he and Beckett should have a signature line. His thought is “She’s armed. He’s dangerous.”

31. In “Den of Thieves,” Tom Demming, is brought in on a case. He’s a handsome detective who gets hot and sweaty with Beckett while… kickboxing. Best moment of the episode is when Espo introduces an old acquaintance. He says, “Ike, this is my partner, Ryan. And this is my other partner, Castle.”

32. In “Food to Die For,” Beckett’s old friend, Madison thoroughly embarrasses her. She says, “You’re hot for Castle. You want to make little Castle babies.” Of course, Castle is bummed in this one when he sees Beckett is already sharing a coffee with Detective Tom Demming.

33. In “Overkill,” Castle and Demming do their best to one-up each other to solve a case. It’s all about the never-ending pursuit of justice. Actually, it’s all about the never-ending pursuit of Kate Beckett.

34. In “A Deadly Game,” Beckett abruptly breaks up with Demming. She may finally be ready to open up to Castle. Then she looks like she’s been punched in the gut when she learns that her partner is spending the summer with his ex, Gina. Thankfully, they both say they’ll see each other in the fall.


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