100 Reasons to Love Castle

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 Season Three

35. In “A Deadly Affair,” Castle bets Beckett that he can crack a case before she does. He wins, so she has to take him back as his partner even though it appears she solved the case first. And so begins a new season of coffees for two.

36. In “He’s Dead, She’s Dead,” Martha says, “Richard, whatever mistakes I made in my life…I raised a good man.” Don’t you love that she’s the only person who addresses him by the name on his books?

37. Bromance banter from “Under the Gun’:

Ryan: “You know if this were a horror movie, we’d be the first ones killed splitting off like this.”

Esposito: “Yeah, except we’re not a couple of top-heavy coeds out looking for fun. We’re highly-trained officers of the law with enough firepower to take out a hoard of undead.”

Ryan: “Hispanic and cocky. Yeah, you’d definitely die first.”

38. In “Punked,” Castle’s latest creation isn’t a new book. It’s a s’morelet! That’s a graham cracker, marshmallows and a chocolate bar wrapped inside egg. That not the only thing new in New York. There’s a handsome man named Josh walking Beckett out of the station at night.

39. In “Anatomy of a Murder,” Beckett details why Josh is impressive and Castle responds.

Beckett: “He did an emergency bypass on someone this morning. Saved the patient’s life. What’d you do this morning, Castle?”

Castle: “Made waffles.”

40. The elusive, sadistic Triple Killer makes his first appearance in the aptly titled “3XK.” The nice reflective moment Castle and Beckett share after Jerry Tyson gets away is just one more example of the bond these two share.

41. In “Almost Famous,” the team comes across a male stripper named Hans Von Mannshaft. Castle loves this guy’s stage name.

42. In “Murder Most Fowl,” Castle asks, “What’s the strangest pet you ever had?” Beckett’s response: “You.”

43. Lyle Lovett guest starred in “Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind” as Agent Westfield. Lance Henricksen also made an appearance as UFOlogist Benny Stryker. Castle calls him the “Tony Robbins of alien abduction.”

44. Castle buys a bar called The Old Haunt in “Last Call.” He invites the gang out for a drink after the case and even gets Beckett to join in as they sing “Piano Man.”

45. Natalie Rhodes has been cast as Castle’s latest literary creation in “Nikki Heat.” She wants to experience the passion her character feels for her leading man. That’s why Natalie/Nikki is caught kissing Castle in the elevator.

46. In “Poof! You’re Dead,” Castle, Beckett and Ryan share a little chuckle. They are amused because Lanie and Esposito still think nobody knows about their not-so-secret relationship.

47. In “Knockdown,” Castle and Beckett act like drunken lovers to distract a bad guy. To sell the act, they engage in “The Kiss.” Castle says, “That was amazing!” And he wasn’t talking about Beckett’s takedown of the bad guy. This is also the episode where Castle tells Beckett he’s her “plucky sidekick.”

48. In “Lucky Stiff,” Castle realizes Beckett would want to honor her mother’s legacy if she ever hit the lottery. That’s why he puts the wheels in motion to start a law school scholarship fund in her name. Castle just can’t stay out of Beckett’s personal life and, for that, she’s most grateful.

49. In “The Final Nail,” Castle is crushed to learn that his old boarding school pal was involved in murder. Beckett helps him through this difficult time. It happens to be Valentine’s Day, so it’s fitting that the two of them are together.

50. In “Setup,” Martha asks, “You haven’t heard of the Serenity?” She’s speaking of a retreat, but Nathan fans know better. It’s not the first subtle nod to his old show Firefly and it won’t be the last.

51. Castle holds Beckett’s hand as he rips all the wires out of a dirty bomb that was set to level Manhattan in “Countdown.” Never send the bomb squad to do the job of a mystery writer.

52. In “One Life to Lose,” the head scribe of a long-running soap opera is found dead on the set with an axe to the back. Castle wonders, “Why would anyone want to kill a writer?”

53. The best part of “Law & Murder” is how Castle plays dumb about the genius of Forbidden Planet in order to score a movie date with Beckett. Well played, Mr. Castle. Well played.

54. You have to love the fact that the murder victim found dead in a pizza oven in “Slice of Death” is named Gordon Burns!

55. In “The Dead Pool,” Castle gets jealous when a new novelist appears to making a move on his muse. Beckett puts his worries to rest. She says, “From now on I am a one writer girl.”

56. Castle and Beckett almost get together in “To Live and Die in L.A.” before retiring to their separate hotel rooms. Castle says, “You know what I thought when I first saw you? That you were a mystery I was never gonna solve.” Nice.

57. In “Pretty Dead,” Captain Montgomery is stressed about what to get his wife for their anniversary. Castle says, “The best thing to give a woman is something she said she wanted when she didn’t think you were listening.” Pretty astute, Ricky boy.

58. Captain Montgomery’s questionable past comes out in “Knockout” before he’s ultimately shot dead. Beckett is also gunned down by an unseen sniper. Castle cradles her in his arms as she falls into unconsciousness. We’re left wondering if Beckett heard him say that he loves her before her eyes closed.


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