100 Reasons to Love Castle

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 Season Five

82. In “After the Storm,” Beckett learns that the man behind her mother’s murder is the powerful Senator Bracken. The guy is pretty much untouchable. Well, Beckett touches him when she whacks him across the side of the head with her gun. His scar serves as a reminder that she’s out there.

83. Beckett wants to keep her new relationship a secret in “Cloudy with a Chance of Murder.” That’s hard to do when Castle shows up at a crime scene without her coffee since he knew she already had it. Oops!

84. Captain Gates warms up to Castle in “Secret’s Safe with Me” right up until the moment he smashes her prized collectible figurine. As far as the case, Castle gets to utter a phrase he’s wanted to say for many, many years. He exclaims, “The butler did it!”

85. Castle and Beckett head off to the Hamptons in “Murder, He Wrote.” Ryan learns the two of them are a couple, but keeps mum. In other news, Castle believes “Caskett” is a nice new couple nickname for him and Beckett. Sorry, Ricky boy, we’ve been using that one for awhile now.

86. In “Probable Cause,” Castle is the prime suspect in a brutal murder. 3XK has set him up brilliantly. As bad as it looks, Beckett refuses to believe Castle is the monster he appears to be. Castle is eventually cleared, but the Triple Killer appears to have escaped yet again.

87. There are a lot of inside sci-fi jokes in “The Final Frontier” including episode director Jonathan Frakes making a cameo as Castle’s #1 fan.

88. In “Swan Song,” Castle and Beckett worry that Captain Gates will see some documentary film coverage of the two of them getting chummy. Thankfully, the only thing she notices is Castle goofing off behind her while she was giving a speech.

89. It’s time to meet the parents in “After Hours.” Actually, it’s time to have the parents meet when Castle’s mom and Beckett’s dad swing by for dinner. Worlds collide, just like they did when their kids first met. But, hey, that worked out.

90. Castle’s castle is a winter wonderland in “Secret Santa.” Our favorite mystery man is truly feeling the holiday spirit when his family cancels all Christmas Eve plans to be with him. Beckett shows up, too. No mistletoe needed for them to share a nice kiss this Christmas.

91. In “Significant Others,” Castle’s tornado of an ex-wife, Meredith, moves in with him for a few days. Beckett is staying there, too. She wonders why things didn’t work out between Castle and his ex. Meredith says it’s because her hubby was always a mystery to her. But he’s a changed man now. Right?

92. It’s an Espo-friendly episode in “Under the Influence” as Javi befriends a young boy who is headed down a bad path. The kid has heard that people will help in the past, but this time he hears it from someone who means it.

93. Ryan has a fun line in “Death Gone Crazy” during the investigation of a soft core porn man’s murder. He says, “Well, um, I never thought I’d say this after the sixth grade, but our bra research is in.” At one point, Esposito asks, “Yo, how is the in-breast-igation going?”

94. In “Recoil,” Beckett is forced to save the life of the evil Senator Bracken. Castle lets this bad man know that he wouldn’t have done it. He’d have stood by and watched him blow up.

95. Castle accidentally slips the gorgeous earrings he got for his girlfriend into Captain Gates’ jacket in “Reality Star Struck.” Beckett didn’t have to worry about such a gaffe happening with her Valentine’s Day gift. Her present is an empty drawer, one Castle can use at her place.

96. Castle’s worst nightmare comes true in “Target” when Alexis is kidnapped. Beckett sees a darker side of him when he asks for a few minutes alone with a suspect in the case. It’s obvious he’s a father who will do whatever it takes to get back his daughter.

97. In “Hunt,” Castle takes matters into his own hands when he travels to Paris alone to rescue his kidnapped daughter. He’s on his own until help arrives in the form of his long lost dad, who happens to be an elite spy. Father and son rescue Alexis, but the only thing Castle has left to remember his dad is a copy of Casino Royale. It’s the book that made him want to become a writer.

98. In “Scared to Death,” Castle calls horror movie maven Wes Craven for help on a case where he believes he’s destined to die. He doesn’t. Beckett is pleasantly surprised to see that the number one item on Castle’s bucket list is “Be with Kate.” Mission accomplished.

99. “The Wild Rover” is all about Ryan thanks to the undercover life he led before joining homicide. He reassumes his role as an Irish mob man to help save a woman he once loved. Once the case is closed, Ryan learns that the love of his life now, Jenny, is pregnant with their first child. Woo hoo!

100. Fans’ Choice! Tell us your favorite moment from “The Lives of Others.” We’ll go through all the submissions and put one of them on the list. In fact, we’ll keep adding to the list for every episode for the rest of the season. So keep those suggestions rolling in to see if your favorite Castle moments make the list!


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