Our 7 Favorite Moments from "Always"

By ABC.com | Jun 11th, 2012

The Castle Season 4 finale, "Always," delivered confessions of love, a near-death experience and the breakthrough scene we've all been waiting for. Here are 7 moments from the finale we'll be clinging to until Season 5 arrives.


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7. It's a Date?

It's not like Castle and Beckett haven't had any pseudo-dates before. Remember Ryan and Jenny's wedding? Martha's dramatic performance at Castle's place? But these two partners never made real plans for a real date until...

Castle somewhat timidly asks Beckett to join him for a double-feature after Alexis' graduation. Beckett replies, "Actually, I'd love to." We were smiling right along with Castle.


castle beckett hold hands season 4 finale always

6. More than a Partner
Castle bringing Beckett coffee in the morning is not exactly a rare occurrence, but Beckett squeezing his hand in appreciation most certainly is.



5. Castle's Confession
Nathan Fillion!!! What an amazing job he does as Castle. The man can make us laugh in the darkest of situations. He's also completely adorable when being bad. And when it's time to get serious, he can say "I love you" with moving sincerity.


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4. Ryan Stands Up to Beckett
Detective Kevin Ryan is usually a helpful and loyal teammate. But in this moment, a line has been crossed. He speaks up out of concern for two people he cares about very much. When Ryan pleads "Javier" instead of Espo, we know things are serious. When his partner still leaves, we know it hurt.

As you can tell, we're pretty big fans of Ryan and Esposito. If you're not yet, you will be after getting to know Ryan better over at The Ryan Report.



3. What Really Matters
Is it wrong to say Beckett didn't know who she was up against? Admittedly, it was pretty cool to see her bounding across a rooftop to take down a really bad guy. This is Beckett putting it all on the line in the case of her life. Still...

Beckett was outmatched and it's kind of scary to think of her going further into this case. At least now she knows she can't do it alone. She may even realize she doesn't need to finish this thing. All she really needs is Castle.


castle kevin ryan javier esposito season 4 finale always

2. Parting Ways with a Close Friend
How heartbreaking was it to see Ryan plead "Javi..." to just be ignored? These two aren't just partners, they're brothers. Please make up next season!


castle kate beckett season 4 finale always

1. Beckett's Confession
Everyone's been waiting for this! Beckett tells Castle she wants him. It took nearly doing a swan dive off a roof to get to this point, but oh man, we're so glad she finally got there. We're also REALLY glad Alexis was away celebrating her graduation at the time.


Did our list miss one of your favorite "Always" moments? Tell us about it in the comments below!