5 Character Secrets Exposed Hilariously in Season 5

By ABC.com | Jul 12th, 2013


1. Beckett may also be referred to as "K-Bex!"

There’s more than one geek in this crime-solving duo! In The Final Frontier at SuperNovaCon, an unsuspecting Beckett is suddenly outted as a Nebula-9 megafan. There is even photo evidence presented. She’s embarrassed, Castle is dying to learn more.

2. Alexis is caught blue-faced.

Castle 101: Don’t try to steal from Richard Castle. The man is so creative he’s dangerous! In The Fast and the Furriest, Alexis learns this the hard way. Luckily, no one is hurt in the process.

3. Beckett’s boyfriend is Castle.

Ryan is so pleased with himself in Murder, He Wrote when he figures out Castle and Beckett’s little (big) secret. He knows they don’t know if he knows but are afraid he does, so he toys with them on the phone when they dig for clues and then proceeds to keep their secret. Sneaky Ryan.

4. Gates has taste.

She’s not shy about it either. It’s just not exactly what one would have expected… Maybe learning of her love for porcelain Gemini Collectible figurines in Secret’s Safe with Me wasn’t that crazy. Niche interests happen. But finding out in Reality Star Struck that she thinks Wives of Wall Street is the best show on TV leaves a few members of the precinct floored. That sort of proclamation just doesn't happen. (And then she makes them watch it!)

5. Alexis is all grown up.

This shouldn’t be considered a secret. But each time the reality of it hits Castle, he sure acts like it was one! He is neither pleased to see her personal vlog in Death Gone Crazy nor her barely there costume in The Final Frontier. We don't know when Castle will move into acceptance phase on this one.