6 Father's Day Favorites from Season 5

By ABC.com | Jun 10th, 2013
1. Castle works with his father to save Alexis.
Between " Target" and " Hunt," it is such a whirlwind of events when Alexis is kidnapped and then Castle meets his long lost father! Before we know it, they are all working together like they've never been apart. Even though they really only get less than a day together, and the circumstances aren't particularly ideal for catching up, we're thrilled that this gets to happen. Grandfather, father, and daughter at the same place at the same time helping each other.

2. Castle meets his father.

"What are you gonna do? Stay out here in the woods with the dead guys?"

::pauses, looks around::

"Fine, I'll get in the car."

More of these two together, please!! It's insta father-and-son dynamic when Castle and his dad meet in " Hunt." Even though he's a feared intelligence asset, Hunt's affection for his son is obvious.

3. Castle says good-bye to his little girl.

In " Secret's Safe with Me," Castle tears up when Alexis moves out for college. He even checks under her dorm bed for monsters one last time before he goes home without her. Such a sweet dad.

4. Castle catches Alexis blue-faced.

Who saw this one coming? All throughout " The Fast and The Furriest" Castle tries to figure out who has been stealing food from his fridge. Embarrassingly, a blue dye pack booby trap reveals it has been Alexis. Shamed, she admits she blew her allowance investing in a friend’s idea to help clean the air via bamboo forests atop skyscrapers. It's another sweet heart to heart and another lesson in "don't try to pull a fast one on Castle." Have you seen his laser tag diagrams?!

5. Alexis has her first hangover.

Castle is a little pre-occupied when Alexis arrives home with her first hangover after graduation festivities in " After the Storm." It's hard to say how he would have reacted if Beckett wasn't trying to sneak out the side of the room at the same time he learned of Alexis' delinquent behavior. In any event, he expresses he is "deeply disappointed" and "oddly proud."

6. Castle agrees to give Alexis some independence.

In " Death Gone Crazy," Castle screams objection when he discovers Alexis has a vlog where she shares personal information, a kind he'd never like to hear about, with the world. It's unsafe! They have a heart to heart and agree Castle will give her more independence to live her life her way and he will continue to worry and care about her his way. (Just no bubble wrap.)