5 Most Popular Episodes from Season 5

By Alexis Johnson Aug 02, 2013

As many of our super tv-savvy Castle fans know, there are a great many factors that affect the rating an episode ultimately receives. When considering how a rating came to be, one must always question--what was on air right before the episode, did an episode play the week before, was the airing near a holiday, how much promotion was there, was it an episode a bunch of people caught up with online instead of live or on their DVR, and so on. As a result, even though numbers don’t lie, what ratings actually reflect about a particular episode may most certainly be debated.

In any event, today we’re counting down the episodes that found themselves on top in the ratings game in Season 5 (L+7 for anyone who’s interested ;-) ). Here we go!


5. The Final Frontier


To trending worldwide and beyond!

By a micro margin, this episode surpassed the phenomenal Probable Cause for this spot in our list. Maybe it was Jonathan Frakes tweeting with fans to get #Nebula9 trending on Twitter that accelerated this over the limit? That operation was a total success with #Nebula9 trending worldwide. That's because the fan support and energy around the episode was just… shiny ;-)


4. The Squab and the Quail

the squab and the quail
What?! OK, must watch Beckett retaliate.

This episode was neck in neck for the next spot on our list. Fans may have especially tuned in here because they needed to see how on Earth Beckett could end up in the pictured situation. We also all must have known that in this episode Beckett would be pushing this guy (Eric Vaughn) off her. And so she did! (Lucky for him…) Anyone else’s heart hurt a little when they see Castle jealous, though? Guilty as charged here…


3. The Lives of Others

Castle's birthday party? Surprise!
100th episode party? We've waited 99 episodes for this--consider it on the calendar.

Coming in at #3 is the 100th episode of Castle, which was likely helped by its special status. There was even a Castle cake! Celebration aside, what a good episode this is. Showrunner Andrew Marlowe and his talented muse Terri Miller penned the Rear Window-inspired episode that is able to be enjoyed by both newcomers and the most loyal fans. This was an especially great night to tune in to Castle.

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2. Scared to Death

Castle couldn't not watch this DVD. Fans couldn't not watch this episode.

It wasn’t even Halloween and look how this episode performed! Wes Craven did make an appearance and this was the first episode after a big break. The situation may have been essentially this:

break = barren desert

Scared to Death = at long last, a glass of delicious, delicious... Castle


1. Hunt

It's Rob in Paris! How can you not watch Castle in Paris?

(It wasn't Castle's first time though, shhh!)


This year’s two-part event came in at #1 by a landslide. There was the #SaveAlexis Campaign going on across social media, the big reveal of Castle’s father (special guest star James Brolin), Castle displaced to Paris, France, the parental passion many are familiar with from Taken and Missing,  Rob Bowman directing, and Andrew Marlowe as the writer. There are so many amazing things about this episode. It’s really the fan support again, though, that brought this one to the top. If you were on Twitter on the night of February 25th, 2013, you couldn’t have missed it.

These are just the episodes that “technically” shook out on top by one rating system, we definitely have many favorites that didn’t make this list (and some that almost did). For example, Still is still a major favorite over here.

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Do you have a personal top 5 episodes from Season 5? Let us know what they are in the comments below!