7 Sci-Fi Stars Recently on Castle

By ABC.com | Jul 16th, 2013

7. We Need “Moore” Power, Captain!

The Final Frontier” guest star Christina Moore is known for her role as Suzanne McKittrick on True Blood. Watch Christina as a former sci-fi show star on Castle’s “The Final Frontier.”


6. “Way” Out There

The Final Frontier” guest star Erin Way is known for her role as a young loner named Kat on sci-fi TV series Alphas. One of Erin’s co-stars on Alphas is Azita Ghanizada, who you may remember as Mistress Sapphire in the Castle episode “The Mistress Always Spanks Twice.”


5. The Mighty Quinn

The Final Frontier” guest star Ed Quinn is known for his role as Dr. Nathan Stark on the TV series Eureka. Reports are his character was modeled after Iron Man Tony Stark.


4. Go Deep!

Penny Johnson Jerald had a role as a freighter captain on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Her character Kasidy Yates married Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko.


3. Together Again

Headhunters” guest star Adam Baldwin was once Nathan Fillion’s sci-fi co-star on Firefly. The scenery changed for these two, but it’s still exciting to see them reunited.


2. An Enterprising Man

The Final Frontier” was directed by Jonathan Frakes, who played Commander William T. Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was more affectionately known as Number One. Look for Jonathan’s memorable cameo in the clip above.


1. Serenity Now

This sci-fi star is in every episode. Nods to his past projects appear all throughout Castle, some more subtly than others :-) In Season 2’s “Vampire Weekend,” Castle’s initial thought for his big costume party is to dress up as a Space Cowboy. Shiny!


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