7 Strangest Cases in Season 5

By ABC.com Jun 28, 2013
1. We see all is not well at the Nebula-9 Fan Experience. In So. Many. Ways.

Case: The Final Frontier

It's odd when a woman's body is discovered stashed in a spaceship pod and with a high-intensity laser beam wound.

Then we meet Captain Max.

2. Castle ends up trapped in a hole, looking up at Bigfoot.

Case: The Fast and the Furriest

In this scene we thought, "Oh, it's going to be that gorilla we saw earlier!"

No, it's Bigfoot. Even better, it's Dr. Darrell Meeks (Raphael Sbarge!) in a Bigfoot costume. Dear The Powers That Be: thank you!!

3. Castle and Beckett learn you don't want to watch that DVD or talk to this guy without signing a waiver.

Case: Scared to Death

What do you get when you mix The Ring with Silence of the Lambs? Trouble sleeping. Also, this case.

4. Here comes Santa Claus.

Case: Secret Santa

Santa arrives out of nowhere to this snow angel party. Castle points out that sleighs flying in stealth mode don’t make a lot of noise.

5. And this is how the romantic poolside sexy time ended.

Case: Murder, He Wrote

So awkward. This may be the first time Beckett was naked at a crime scene.

6. Castle's neighbor is so good at murder.

Case: The Lives of Others

What's more frustrating than being stuck home with a bum leg? Watching a murder play out beginning to end across the way through your binoculars and then not being able to prove a thing! How? Argh! Thank goodness they revealed it was all staged at his birthday party.

7. Sweet revenge. Death by chocolate. Castle could go all day with this one.

Case: The Wild Rover

This case kicked off with a dead body found in a chocolate cupcake batter-filled mixer. At the scene of the crime, Castle helped gather evidence:

"You can rule out dissatisfied customer. These things are insanely good."


(Would you have tried a cupcake? They were free samples...)