7 Top Things to Know about Ryan and Esposito

By Alexis Johnson | Aug 12th, 2013

Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito are professional partners with perfect chemistry of a platonic nature. To dive into Season 6 with the lowdown on these two, here are the basics you oughtta know.


7. Ryan and Espo are brothers from another mother.



 It's gotta be deeper than friendship when your lives on are the line each day.


6. Ryan is a man of unique insight.


 You should wonder what Ryan is thinking in each scene. It's probably pretty interesting.


5. Esposito is a man of sardonic comments.


You should also wonder what Javi is thinking in each scene. It's probably pretty funny.


4. Both are extremely loyal.



Ryan is devotedly married to the love of his life Jenny.
Javi is iron-clad in his word.


3. Javi is a ladies' man. (Or at least thinks of himself as one.)


Look at this guy macking on Lanie at Castle’s birthday party.


2. Ryan is about to become a dad.



Things between Ryan and Jenny had been stressful for a while there...
But it's all excitement now!


1. Both are passionate about their job and can lay down the law with the best of ‘em.


Undercover and solo, each of these guys is still solid.
 (It helps to know you have good backup :-) )

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