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By May 06, 2013
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Each Monday through the Storm Front release on May 21st we'll be sharing a new chapter! This week, the action continues with a free download of Storm Front Chapter 3!

Bacau, Romania

It’s the eyes that get you. Derrick Storm knew this from experience. You can tell yourself they’re just normal kids. You can tell yourself everything is going to work out fi ne for them. You can tell yourself that maybe they haven’t had it too bad.

But the eyes. Oh, the eyes. Big, dark, shiny. Full of hope and hurt. What stories they tell. What entreaties they make: Please, help me; please, take me home; please, please, give me a hug, just one little hug, and I’ll be yours forever.

Yeah, they get you. Every time. The eyes were why Storm kept returning to the Orphanage of the Holy Name, this small place of love and unexpected beauty in an otherwise drab, industrial city in northeast Romania. Once you looked into eyes like that, you had to keep coming back.

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