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By May 13, 2013
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Each Monday through the Storm Front release on May 21st we'll be sharing a new chapter! This week, the action continues with a free download of Storm Front Chapter 4!

NEW YORK, New York

Soaring high above lower Manhattan, Marlowe Tower was a ninety- two- story monument to American economic might, a glistening glass menagerie that housed some of the country’s fi ercest fi nancial animals. In New York’s hypercompetitive commercial real estate market, merely the name— Marlowe Tower— had come to represent status, to the point where neighboring properties bolstered their reputations by describing themselves as “Near Marlowe.”

Marlowe Tower was a place where wealthy capitalists went to grow their already large stake in the world. After parking their expensive imported cars at nearby garages, they entered at street level through the air lock created by the polished brass revolving doors, wearing their hand- crafted leather shoes and customtailored silk suits, each determined to make his fortune, whether it was his fi rst, his second, or some subsequent iteration thereof.

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