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By May 20, 2013
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Each Monday through the Storm Front release on May 21st we'll be sharing a new chapter! This week, the action continues with a free download of Storm Front Chapter 5!

Derrick Storm was a Ford man.

Maybe that didn’t seem like a very sexy choice for a secret operative. Maybe, in a nod to the great James Bond, he should have gone with an Aston Martin, or a Lamborghini, or, heck, even just a Beemer.

But, no. Derrick Storm liked his Fords. He was an American spy, after all. And an American spy ought to have an American ride. Besides, he liked how they handled. He liked the familiarity of the instrument panel. He liked knowing that he had good old Michigan- made muscle at his command. When he was a teenager, his fi rst car had been a non- operating ’87 Thunderbird he bought off a buddy for fi ve hundred dollars of lawn- mowing money and nursed back to glorious health. He drove the car all through high school and college. That had been enough to hook him. He had driven Fords ever since.

And, in truth, they were a much more practical choice for a man of his profession. Tool around in a Bentley just once and everyone notices you. Drive the exact same route every day in a Ford Focus and you might as well be invisible.

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