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By Downtown Julie Brown | Jul 19th, 2013


In our house, we work hard but we play hard! My gorgeous husband, Martin is German and I’m from England, so we have a very European lifestyle. We live la dolce vida. Even though we work hard, we firmly believe that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We both had the good fortune to travel the world and have embraced a love of all things beautiful.

My husband Martin is my love of this life and I pray the next life, too! We have a sassy and independent daughter, Gianna (19), who lives with her boyfriend. Martin and I both work hard during the day, so we can come home, relax and unwind.

We live a very stylish lifestyle and love the finer things that life has to offer. I am spoiled, but I really spoil myself. We both believe that there is a time for work and a time to pamper yourself and there is always time for a glass of champagne!

My husband is a gifted businessman, always calm, and very smart. He is the CEO of a company that makes zero emissions big rig trucks. (I call them The Prius on steroids!) We are committed to living “green” and leaving behind the smallest carbon footprint that we can. He works all hours of the day but makes sure that we spend quality time together each night. He had retired, after running a successful motion picture studio, which put out a string of blockbuster movies, but returned to the workforce to follow his other passion – creating a sustainable energy future. He really is quite brilliant.

We have large, eclectic and fabulous circle of friends that we love to entertain. I have been known to just throw a dinner party just because. We love making sure people have a great time in our home. I’m very hands-on and would never consider having these affairs catered. I like things to be “just so” and like to be charge of the preparation, presentation and service. Our friends have come to expect a level of sophistication and fun when they visit our home. It’s always the right combination of style and fun and you will NEVER find a bottle of ketchup ruining my beautiful table settings. Martin is a great cook as well and specializes in homemade pizza and large steak dinners. (Even though I don’t eat meat!)

I have a lot going on in my life yet insist on keeping a beautiful and spotless home. We like our privacy so we don’t have help. I am a true Virgo, in that everything must be stylish and in its place. I love my vacuum sealer machine, too. I’ll vacuum seal anything if it is not in its place, label it, and put it away.

Even though our lifestyle seems busy and flashy, what I love most is to cuddle up with Martin and spend time in each other’s arms. Believe me, after 13 years together, the spark is still there and romance is very much alive.



Martin and I are very much a partnership in our house. He has more of a traditional lifestyle, in that he goes to work each day and then comes home to me. I’m not sure how I fill my days, but I am always very busy and exhausted. I have countless projects going on at any given time.

Martin is the CEO of a zero emissions trucking company. His schedule can be flexible because he can do a lot of work from his phone, but he is usually out of the house for most of the day. When he comes home, we both love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The types of food we like are very different but that never seems to be a problem. I like to cook a lot of Italian food and Martin is more of a meat guy so we eat different things all the time.

Even though my husband and I sometimes work long hours, we love to come home, hang out together and unwind. Whether it’s cooking or enjoying time together in the hot tub, we love to relax at the end of a hard day.



My husband is the light of my life. We have been together for 13 years. Most people think he is very quiet and shy but he’s not. He is the funniest man I have ever met. If I am not working on my projects then I am always supporting him in his company and his career in any way that I can. Or sometimes I’ll pop in to have a romantic lunch.

He truly is my love of this life and, I pray, the next life too! I love to support him in his business at all times. He is very business oriented and private but he loves to relax with his family and friends. We both enjoy the finer things in life and love to entertain.

With Martin and I, there is never-ending planning in the evenings. We love to travel and find adventure. We are always together. We travel together, entertain together and, most times, you’ll find us at each other’s side. We really enjoy each other’s company. I don’t want to do anything without him because it wouldn’t be as fun.


My daughter, Gianna (19), is very independent and works hard to make money so that she can keep it that way. I am very protective over her. She has a boyfriend, who is now the love of her life. It is hard for me to let my daughter invest a lot of time into this relationship. I like to check up on her as much as possible because I am still the overprotective mom. I will make calls to her work (and hang up when she answers) just to make sure she is there.

Gianna is tall, pretty, and quick-witted. She is a total daddy’s girl so Martin can get away with saying more to her than I can. It’s hard to be tough on her though because she is so funny, even though I know sometimes she is just telling us what we want to hear.

She is very, very strong headed. Our whole family loves her so much for everything that she is, but it’s tough sometimes because when serious talks need to be had, she will try to escape. Her and myself are very, very sensitive and so we butt heads a lot.



Martin’s alarm goes off at 7AM every morning. We wake up and enjoy a morning coffee. He can’t survive without his morning coffee so make sure you have some brewing! I tend to talk a lot in the morning because at night my brain never turns off. I am always thinking and worrying about something, so in the morning I tend to talk about it. Martin is very sweet and let’s me talk while I get my hair and makeup done. I make sure to always have my face on because you never know when you are going to get a call and I always need to look my best!

Martin then showers, gets dressed, takes the dog for a walk and has his morning call to Europe. When that is finished, he tells me he loves me and leaves, trying to get out the door by 9AM.

I then get myself started for the day. I look around to see what we might need from the store, answer emails, and maybe do some editing on a dance track I am working on. I may go to lunch with a girlfriend or meet with my friend/stylist Montgomery Frazier, who has been with me since MTV in 1986. We love to go shopping, but for us that doesn’t mean the store. We know a lot of fashion designers, so we go straight to their warehouse to pick out the next hot outfit!

Martin usually comes home around 6PM. He goes for a run and then we wind down in the Jacuzzi.  Then we try to figure out dinner. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. We both like to cook, but Martin is the real chef in this house. We make homemade pizza and pastas. Or we’ll grill something for dinner. We also love to go out to nice restaurants.

If Gianna is here we will listen to music or play Wii with her. We are not the type of people to go to bed early. We like to hang out in the living room with candles and wine and make plans.



We keep the house stylish and tidy. It makes life so much easier when there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. I may go to more extremes than my husband but he also likes a clean house. We like our privacy so don’t have extra help in the home.

My daughter Gianna is the exact opposite. She can come into any room and mess it up in a second. It drives me crazy! I love my vacuum pack machine, so if someone leaves anything lying around the kitchen then I’ll throw it in a bag, vacuum pack it, and stick it in the fridge. Gianna has found many of her things packed and in the fridge because she left them around. It gets the point across!

Cooking is something we love to do for others and ourselves. We like to host dinner parties where all of our friends come over and we get to cook a lovely meal for everyone to enjoy. Some people might get a caterer but for us, cooking is half the fun! I do everything and pay close attention to every detail. The flowers, the place settings and the food presentation are always perfect!



I love to just dress well and dress up.  You’ll never find me dressed casual. My fashion guru, Monty, is at my beck and call to help me dress on trend and in fashion. He is always bringing me outfits to try on at home. If we do go shopping, we’ll go to a fashion designer friend’s warehouse and pick out outfits before they even hit the store!

When I wake up, I make sure to put on make-up before facing the day. I am always dressed and ready to go, in case I get a call for something. Even if I don’t go anywhere, at least I will look nice when Martin comes home. Gotta keep it going on for him!

I hope you love my beautiful home! Sit back, relax and enjoy la dolce vita! Wubba Wubba Wubba!!!


-- Downtown Julie Brown



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