Household Manual: The Flair Family

By Wendy "Fifi" Barlow | Jun 28th, 2013



 You are sitting in the home of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer and 16 time World Heavyweight Champion, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Enjoy this brief moment of quiet, because from the second Ric gets home until this experience ends in a week your life is going to be one loud, exhilarating party!


I’m Wendy Barlow. You may remember me as Ric’s on-air French Maid, Fifi, in the mid 90s. Oh, by the way, Bonjour! These days I’m a mom to four kids that range in age from 9 to 14. I bring my kids with me to North Carolina as often as possible because they love staying with “Uncle Ric.” Who wouldn’t? Nature Boy knows how to live!


Time with Ric Flair is completely exhausting. The only rule is that there are no rules.  We go to the spa together, have lunch at the finest bistros, dinners at the fanciest restaurants, go to concerts and sporting events (front row, always), and travel in helicopters, limousines, and private jets.


Ric is known as the master of the figure-four leg lock but at his core, he’s a teddy bear. We love cozying up to each other in the booth of a wine bar and sharing our intimate thoughts – until a fan comes up and asks for a picture or shares a memory of what he means to them. These are moments that truly touch Ric and remind me why he is so special.


Ric is a social animal. He can stay out until the wee hours of the night, drinking red wine and making friends with everyone he sees.


Money is not an object in this house and anything I want, I get. I usually don’t even have to ask. Though Ric is sometimes overly generous with people, I can’t complain. Our lifestyle is lavish and unbelievable to most but Ric doesn’t take it for granted. Each of those custom-made, sequined robes is the result of 40 years of grueling work inside the ring.


Wherever you’re headed over the next week, put on your jet pack because you’re hanging with the Nature Boy!



Ric may be the “dirtiest player in the game” but he’s an absolute gentleman in the house. He is very old school and provides everything for my children and me. He treats me like a princess. He is faithful and loyal, sometimes to a fault. I often see he has to put up a shield because people want to break him down. It’s tough for him because he loves to have fun and is very generous.


I am a classic overachiever. I studied international law at the prestigious Sorbonne School but I am very much a girly-girl. When I’m with Ric, my job is to be pampered and I love it.


Keeping up with Ric’s fast-paced lifestyle is no easy task but I love the finer things in life, so I don’t mind. I hope you came well rested. Be ready to be on the go all the time!



We are a blended family, really. We call ourselves the Brady Bunch. I have 4 and Ric has 4, but 2 that he sees often. Ric’s kids are all grown up and I love them. He is the best dad and a terrific “uncle” to my kids. He is so proud of each of them.


My kids – Sophia (14), Sebastian (12), Paris (10), and Summer (9), are all well-mannered angels. They love their “Uncle Ric.” He feels the same and loves spoiling them. I think they get a real kick out of having a famous uncle. Whenever we’re out in public having family time (which is all the time with Ric) people can’t help but interrupt to ask for pictures and autographs.


I think you’d love my kids. I hope so because they’ll be here this week! This is one of their school breaks and they’ve come to share it with you! Ric and I’ve been teaching them the finer things in life so enjoy their quality tastes and impeccable style.


Ric makes sure all of our kids are taken care of and would drop everything if they needed him. I’m lucky to be able to be a full time mother and I love every minute of it. I’m definitely a “soccer mom” and loving being deeply involved in their busy young lives.



I don’t cook.  We take turns deciding what kind of food we want and going to that kind of restaurant. Or we order it to be delivered. Ric enjoys top-notch service so he takes us to the best restaurants. Whenever Nature Boy arrives, you’ll be offered a private room but Ric prefers to be out front, among his friends and fans.


For dinner, I always order healthy, but Ric is even healthier. He won’t touch cheese and his meats are always lean. If it’s friend he’s not interested. Now, the occasional exotic flambé is a different story.



I may have played a maid on TV but those outfits are strictly for fun. The bottom line is, I don’t clean or cook and Ric is never home long enough for it to get dirty. Besides, the help keeps the place spotless. We are too busy living life to spend time doing that stuff.



I like to look flawless and stunning all of the time. I do yoga every morning at 6AM (no matter how late we’ve stayed out the night before). I try to get Ric to join but he prefers to watch me. Ric also sends me to the spa every weekend for facials, manicures and pedicures. He also makes sure I have something fabulous to wear. If he doesn’t have a stylist pick something out for me, he just hands me his credit card and sends me on my way to find something sexy. Usually I come home with something strapless.


Ric has a reputation for always being with the prettiest girl at the party, so my number one responsibility is to stay looking my best. Before we go out, I have my hair and make up done by a professional. I could do it myself, but Ric likes to pamper me. When we go out (which is every night) we are always dressed to impress. Ric gets recognized everywhere, so he likes to make a statement.


Ric still works out every day and doesn’t want to weigh a pound more than the day he retired. He sometimes comes with me to the spa to get a facial and nails primped, which I find sexy. When he goes out on the town, he looks like a movie star. He knows how to dress and always looks impeccable. You can see why they call him the “stylin’ and profilin’, limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss stealin’ son of a gun!”



Ric is up at 6AM every morning. It doesn’t matter if we’ve stayed out until 1AM or 3AM, he is always ready to go. After my yoga, we go out to get coffee. Making it at home is not an option. He is a creature of habit. He always prefers for me to join him for coffee because he is never alone. We like to enjoy some fresh fruit or lean protein with our coffee and watch the sunrise.


After breakfast, Ric is usually off to the gym with friends and then heads to his agent’s office. He keeps very busy with autograph signings and appearances. Some days, he’ll go to a game or golfing with the boys.


While he’s off doing guy things, I’m out with his credit card, living the life of a princess. My day is busy, busy, busy with shopping sprees, massages, facials, and exercise classes.


Between getting up early and staying out late, I try and sneak in a quick nap before we go out again. Ric doesn’t usually allow more than 30 minutes though. He just doesn’t need the rest. After years on the road in different time zones and trips around the world, basking in the wonders of sports entertainment, Ric doesn’t care much for sleep. He’s addicted to the fast paced lifestyle. So by late afternoon, we are getting ready for a night out on the town.


Sometimes those nights are local at a rooftop trendy bar and other times we are jetting across the country to see one of his favorites, Kid Rock, in concert. You literally never know where you’ll end up with Ric. He is incredibly spontaneous. We go wherever he can create the most memorable moment. It’s always something different with him, and I just have to be prepared. I suggest you be, too.


Bedtime is whenever they shut us down. 1AM is an early night. 3AM is just right. After three hours of sleep, it’s time to start all over again.



Ric’s kids are adults, and they understand discipline well because they are both wrestlers. They have taken a cue from their dad, who gave his body and soul to the business.


My kids have one job, and that’s maintaining straight A’s in the gifted program. I believe my kids main job is to excel at school, so they do not have chores. They are perfect students, so I don’t burden them with housework. That’s what housekeepers are for. I want them to study and do well and then I treat them to the same nice things I like. Sometimes we’ll go spend a weekend at a fancy hotel just for fun.


I’m very proud that my kids are very polite and well mannered. They all try to remember to use “Ma’am” and “Sir” when speaking to adults and look everyone in the eye when speaking. They also adore the man they call Uncle Ric.”



Twenty years ago, I walked into an audition to play Ric’s on-screen French speaking maid and ring valet and left with a friend for life. Twenty years and a few divorces later, we found each other in a completely different light. We were always soul mates but now, we have become inseparable. I love this man. Let me tell you why.


There is no man in the whole wide world who is better at making a lady, this lady, feel special. Ric is the epitome of chivalry. He opens every single door placed before me, from the door to a car to the door on a private jet. He makes sure I get to do all the girly things that make me feel beautiful and he always insists on picking up the tab. When we vacation, its never camping and fishing trips. We’re more 4-star resort people.


Our relationship works because Ric is very respectful of me and great with my kids. We are very honest with one another. I’ve known him for 20 years and he knows that I know him better than anyone. Nothing surprises me. We see each other as often as possible and are very good about how we handle the relationship with the kids.


I sometimes wish that Ric would spend a little more time with me during the day when I’m off shopping and primping, but I know that’s his time to handle the business of a sports entertainment legend.


He’s a man in his sixties with the heart of a child. He’s worldly and knowledgeable but he’s sensitive and always ready to laugh and have a good time. With Ric, you never ask yourself, “Am I too old to be out this late?” I just join him, right here in this moment and appreciate the precious time we share.


This week, I hope you make memories with the Nature Boy that last a lifetime, but keep that seat on the Leer jet warm for me because I can’t wait to come home!



-- Wendy “Fifi” Barlow



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