Flavor Flav/Dee Snider

By ABC.com | Jan 10th, 2012

The wives of world renowned rapper Flavor Flav and rock star Dee Snider will find out if these rebellious music stars can handle their new rules when they switch homes (but not bedrooms) for a week.

Liz Trujillo, Flavor Flav

Legendary hype man FLAVOR FLAV, his fiancée of nine years, Liz, and sons Gibran (15) and Karma (4), live in a gated community in Las Vegas, but that’s where the “normal” part of their lives ends. When he’s not touring with Public Enemy, Flav regularly spends his time with his friends at the bowling alley. The easygoing Liz usually sits at home alone, tranquilly crocheting and reading self-help books while her mother looks after the baby -- or she goes out gambling, her favorite pastime.

Jesse Blaze Snider, Patty Story, Dee Snider, Cheyenne Snider, Suzette Snider, Logan Snider, Shane Snider

      DEE SNIDER, who is perhaps best known as the lead singer of ‘80s sensation Twisted Sister, and his wife of 22 years, Suzette, met in high school. They are very much the hands-on parents to Jess (29), Shane (22), Cody (21) and Cheyenne (14).

            When the quiet-loving Liz travels to Long Island to swap lives with Suzette, she almost loses her mind when Cheyenne’s post-hardcore band rehearses in the house. She is also taken aback when she realizes how little Dee and the kids help with the household in comparison with Suzette’s daily routine, which includes all of the cooking, cleaning and even styling her sons’ Mohawks every day. 

       But that’s little to compare with the gravity defying and nerve-wracking experience Suzette is having with Flav back in Vegas. Suzette, who calls raising her children her “career,” becomes irritated when she sees Flav constantly on the phone and hanging out at the bowling alley with his friends. Flav keeps leaving Suzette with the kids alone or calling his sister-in-law to care for the baby. He often goes out for extended periods of time without informing Suzette of his whereabouts. As a result, he misses the scheduled plans she’s made for him and the family. When it comes time for Suzette to institute her own set of house rules, she discovers that Flav is not one to easily bide by someone else’s rules.