Household Manual: Lisa Leslie

By Lisa Leslie | Jul 19th, 2013


You are about to step into the life of a very busy woman and you have some pretty big shoes to fill. Literally! I wear a size 12.

I had a very successful basketball career that helped lead me to win two WNBA titles, three MVP titles and earn four Olympic gold medals.

Now retired from the game, I traded in my basketball uniform for a business suit. I am the current owner of the Los Angeles Sparks WNBA team, do on-camera reporting for "Sports Zone", and design clothing for taller women. But the most important job I have right now is the role of being a mother. My beautiful daughter Lauren is six years old and our prodigy child. She’s very smart, musical and athletic. We encourage her to play the piano and partake in extracurricular reading. MJ is a lively three year-old boy. He is very smart and athletic as well. MJ is currently home schooled, while Lauren attends grade school.

My husband Michael used to play basketball at the Air Force Academy, so with a combination of our genes we hope our children will become professional athletes. We actually encourage both children to bounce balls around the house to practice their dribbling. Athletics play a huge role in our day-to-day routine. I take Lauren to a local track three days a week where she runs at least two miles. MJ takes swimming lessons and Lauren takes tennis lessons. Michael and I both do cross fit workouts, but not together. For quality time together Michael and I like to play tennis or basketball.

Michael is a very loving and caring man. He likes to say he lives by the 3 F’s…Firm, Fair and Friendly. He and I both have a lot of work we have to do every day. I am always busy with the team and often go to practices, but I also have a lot of busy computer work. Michael is currently working on his second novel, so we both require a lot of quite time. We have a nanny that works with us from 6am-12pm. During part of this time Michael and I work in the office behind closed doors. The kids know not to bother mom and dad when the doors are shut.

I would say our family eats pretty healthy. We don’t like to let the kids have a lot of sugar. It’s a little difficult when my mother comes to visit though. Grandma loves to spoil them and give them candy. We have many heart-to-hearts with her about this, but she doesn’t seem to listen to us. We do not spoil our children at all. We don’t buy them presents or give them anything they want. They know the value of money and have been taught to use their manners by always saying “please” and “thank you.”



In our household we have very normal roles, Michael and I share all responsibility in the house and always help each other when needed. Our house runs very smoothly and that’s the way we like it. We all stay very busy but always make time for each other at the end of every day.



Our two children, Lauren and MJ, are amazing! We want them to be kids but we do like to keep them busy and continually learning and progressing through different classes and activities.

We are very blessed to have talented and smart children.

Lauren is our little prodigy child with a very high IQ level; in kindergarten she was at a 3rd grade reading level. She is a true character, very funny, and it’s so cute to see her little brother follow her around everywhere. Lauren is very musical; I used to play Bach when she was in my tummy so I take the credit for her music skills. And last but not least she is a very talented athlete, very good at track and gymnastics. The kids do have good genes.

MJ is 100% boy, always crashing into walls, jumping off everything, playing basketball indoors and out. He is just all over the place. He is also very smart for his age. He can get shy when people are watching him.



My husband is my best friend and my everything. He was in the Air Force and is now a commercial pilot so he can be very busy. When he isn’t flying, he is helping me with the kids, helping with contracts or the basketball academy camp that we are both very passionate about. He is very compassionate and hates ignorance. He does all the behind the scene stuff.

Michael is also a writer; his first book was called Women Have All The Power. It was a national best seller. He wrote it for our daughter and he says she can’t date until she reads this when she is older of course. And now he is writing another book for his son abut women. So if you find my husband writing upstairs just let him be.

He is my best friend and I’m so lucky to have him. We also like to just hang and have fun; we love Ping-Pong, playing basketball, and tennis. I think we have a doubles match with some friends this week so I hope you are good because we don’t like to lose.

Michael was very athletic growing up; he played all sports and then got a basketball scholarship for college. That was just another thing that attracted me to him when we first started to get to know each other. He is a wonderful husband and father. I love being in a relationship with someone as self-motivated as I am.




I would consider us a healthy family, not a lot of fried and fatty foods here. We try to keep the kids away from sugar and sodas but that’s not always easy when grandma is around, she likes to sneak them candy, so please look out and don’t let her do that. I cook all our dinners. I will either make some sort of casserole or bake some fish and make some fresh vegetables. We are lucky our kids are not very picky eaters.

I always try to have dinner prepared before 4pm so I can just relax and with kids and my husband. We usually eat around 6pm, just a heads up, I always eat last cause I usually to busy serving the food, chopping up the kids food, serving seconds and then once everyone is taken care of, then I can sit and eat.



A clean house is a must here, not always easy with two little kids running around but with the help of our nanny we are able to keep it pretty clean. Our nanny comes to the house Monday through Friday from 6:30am-noon and I take over from there. In our home everything has a place. My kids know to always pick up their clothes and towels off the floor and always clean the game room before each night. Lauren must also pick up her dolls in her room each night too.



In our home, appearances are extremely important. My kids must get clean, brush their hair and teeth and wear what I have picked out before they walk downstairs for breakfast. It’s important to look good. My husband and I both care about our what we look like as well. We stay fit by working out daily.

When Michael and I get a chance to have a night out on the town, I like to get dressed up and put on some heels but when I’m in “mom mode” I’m usually in athletic wear to run around the house.



We have a very, very busy schedule, with a lot of things happening so the only way I can keep track of everything is by setting multiple alarms on my phone and throughout the house to remind me of what I’m supposed to be doing during each day. Since I obviously have my phone with me, I left a creative alarm that will be sure to keep you up on my schedule.

The first alarm goes of at 6:00am; Michael and I get up to start our day. He goes and gets ready for work and I go and wake up Lauren and help her get ready. Shortly after, like clockwork MJ wakes up and we all brush our teeth, get dressed and have everything with us before we walk down stairs for breakfast.

6:30am our nanny comes to help cook and clean till noon Monday through Friday. 7:00am we all sit down for breakfast, we usually eat oatmeal and fruit. We like to stay away from too much sugar.

Tuesdays and Thursdays Lauren goes and runs around the track, I love this one on one time with her. 7:30am another alarm goes off to take the Lauren to school. After Lauren gets dropped off at school Michael and I go to separate gyms to work out. I go to cross fit and Michael works out at our community center. Once we are done with our workouts we head to back to the home office to work on emails, conference calls, contracts and all that good stuff. Being the owner of the LA Sparks, being on TV every Sunday talking sports, looking over the basketball academy helping create taller women’s clothing and being a full time mom can be very busy. Little MJ is usually just playing with the nanny, bouncing off walls, maybe napping, hanging with dad or running around with me.

12:30pm, another alarm is buzzing, its time to pick up Lauren from school at 1:00pm. Don’t be late. Tuesday and Thursday, MJ has swimming at 11:30am. Lauren has tennis lessons from 2-3pm; please make sure they have all their right equipment. Wednesdays is gymnastics after school. Piano is every day for 1 hour.

By 4pm, we are all home and I prep dinner; something easy and healthy like fish or a casserole. Dinner is at 5:30pm, we do sit and pray but I’m usually the last one to sit down because I’m busy taking care of everyone.

6:00pm is reading time with the kids and also Lauren finishing up everything on her responsibility board that’s in her room. Lauren gets to bed by 7:30pm and MJ by 8:30pm. After the kids are asleep, Michael and I like to unwind with a good movie or a competitive game of ping pong.

Have a great week and don’t let the alarms get to you!


-- Lisa Leslie



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