Mick "Mankind" Foley/Antonio Sabato, Jr.

By ABC.com | Jan 31st, 2012

The time spent apart ends up being too much for one couple to handle when the wives of wrestler Mick "Mankind'' Foley and actor Antonio Sabato Jr. trade lives.

Mick Foley, Colette Foley

Superstar pro-wrestler and author MICK FOLEYand his wife, former model Colette, have been married for 21 years. They share a luxury condo in Florida with their wrestle-maniac children -- Dewey (19), Noelle (17) Mickey (10) and Hughie (8). The family also consists of Randall, a yet-to-be-house-trained puppy. Colette feels loved but unsupported and underappreciated since she's the one who picks up all of the toys, makes the beds and even cooks a different meal for each family member every day. While Mick is on the road and immersed in different projects and the kids are playing, Colette just doesn't have time to keep a tidy house. Mick and Colette admit their family lifestyle lacks structure; however they make up for it with love. 

Cheryl Moana Marie, Mina Bree Sabato, Antonio Sabato III, Antonio Sabato, Jr.
Colette leaves balmy Florida for arid Los Angeles to swap lives with heartthrob actor/model ANTONIO SABATO, JR. Antonio and his conservative Christian fiance, Cheryl, two self-admitted clean freaks. They keep a spotless home, the cars are kept clean and shiny, and neither one will be able to sleep at night if the tea kettle is on the wrong burner. Cheryl keeps a six-page, 65-item checklist of daily duties that must be done to ensure the household is properly maintained.

Colette quickly realizes the Sabatos drive their daughter, Mina (9), in a pursuit of perfection with gymnastics classes she must attend several times a week, as well as daily piano practice. While changing diapers and feeding the Sabatos' 3-month-old son, baby Antonio, Colette is brought back to her long-gone days (and nights) of caring for a newborn. Colette is impressed with Antonio and Cheryl's home, but shocked to see how overworked the whole family is.

Back at the Foley house, a post-partum Cheryl is brought to tears when she realizes all that Colette does for her family. As she tries to live by Colette's rules the first part of the week, she becomes a nervous wreck cleaning up after the puppy, cooking six individualized meals a night, breaking up the boys' wrestling matches and contending with Mick's laissez-faire parenting style.



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