Nia Peeples/Tiffany: PHOTOS

By | Jul 3rd, 2013
Actress and singer Nia Peeples, best known for roles on the television series Fame and Pretty Little Liars, swaps lives with former pop icon Tiffany, who shot to worldwide stardom with her self-titled, debut album.  on SUNDAY, JULY 7 8|7c.

Christopher Hewett, Sienna Chartrand, Nia Peeples and Sam George

Nia Peeples is an actress and singer best known for roles on the television series "Fame" and "Pretty Little Liars." She and her filmmaker husband, Sam, live in a mobile home on the beach in Malibu, California with her children, Christopher (23) and Sienna (14.). The family spend the majority of their time outside in the surf and the sand. Sam, a professed "surfer dude," plans his days around the daily surf reports and encourages the family to enjoy every moment, many times putting schoolwork, household chores and responsibilities on the back burner. 

Benn George, Tiffany, Elijah Garcia

Former pop icon Tiffany shot to worldwide stardom with her self-titled, debut album. Today she resides outside of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Benn, and 20-year-old son Elijah. Both Tiffany and her husband work long hours; Benn with his car company and Tiffany - when she's not touring or performing - at the vintage clothing boutique she owns. 

When Tiffany arrives in Malibu, she learns that the "guest room" in Nia's home is a tent outside. Being a trooper, she spends the first night of the swap under the stars. Living in Nia's shoes, Tiffany heads to the beach and learns how to surf and paddle board while spending time with Nia's children, specifically sharing her love of music with Nia's son, Christopher, who is an aspiring singer/songwriter.  

Back in Nashville, Nia enjoys some Southern hospitality when Benn cooks a pork rib dinner for the family. While ribs are not something Nia and her family would choose to eat -- their diet typically consists of vegetable-based meals -- she decides to give it a try. At dinner, Nia observes that Benn is constantly connected to his cell phone working at his car business. With Benn at work and Elijah at school, she finds herself home alone and generally lonely when she's not at the boutique, which turns out to be pretty overwhelming for her.