Shawna Lamas' Household Manual

By Shawna Lamas | Jul 12th, 2013


In this house, what you see is what you get.  I live with my husband, Lorenzo Lamas and his three daughters, Alexandra (16), Victoria (14) and Isabella (12).  I may be their stepmother and only 26-years-old, but I think of them as my daughters and I definitely take on the mother role in this house. We are a really fun and vibrant family. We keep ourselves very busy playing sports and being active.  Extreme sports are what this family thrives on.


My husband Lorenzo Lamas is best known for his role as Reno Raines on the 1990s series Renegade and his multiple roles on different soap operas.  He is constantly working, but he always makes time for his family and we try to spend as much quality family time together as possible. With our busy schedules, we aren’t the family to sit down to a family dinner every night but we are there to support each other 100%. Lorenzo is a very hands-on dad.  He takes care of the girls’ every need, picks up the girls from school, and takes them to their many activities daily.  I have multiple jobs and a lot of times my schedule will not allow me to help with these things so it is great that Lorenzo is such a family man. 


I will be the first to tell you that I am not the best cook, but I make sure there is always food in the fridge.  We are so busy, so I will make enough food for the whole week and separate them into meals for everyone to grab and eat when they can.  I have started to transition into fitness modeling and competition so I am on a very strict diet.   My food is weighed and I can’t veer from my meal plan or workouts. 


I try to keep the structure in this house because Lorenzo can be lenient with the girls.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a great dad, but when I came into the family they all needed a little help to get the house in order and the girls needed to learn responsibility.  Not to mention Lorenzo needed a lot of help with his clothes!  He doesn’t go out of the house anymore without me giving him approval.


We are a family of daredevils and always like to stay active.  Lorenzo flies helicopters and has a Harley (I bought him!) that he rides all the time.  The girls are involved in sports like cheer and karate.  I love to try new things and I am currently getting certified to scuba dive.  I’m sure you’ll have an adventurous time while in this house, so hold onto your hat and enjoy the ride!



Lorenzo will tell you that I maintain this chaotic home.  I am constantly trying to get Lorenzo and the kids to buckle down and be more responsible and structured. 


Not only does Lorenzo keep busy with his different gigs, but I work multiple jobs.  During the week, I work at an egg donor agency.  On the weekend I am a bottle service girl at the local club.  Not only do these jobs keep me busy but I am also training every day, getting certified to be a scuba diver and taking acting classes.  Lorenzo recently decided to go back to flight school and get certified to be a flight instructor.  Before he met me, Lorenzo was raising the girls on his own, so he let this passion of his go.  But now that I am around he can explore this side more.


Even though Lorenzo and I work a lot and the kids keep busy with activities, it is very important for us to be present in their lives.  Lorenzo loves to take them to their activities and be as hands-on as he can be.  We make sure to be there for any events so they know we support them in their ventures.


I try to keep this house in order, but with three teenage girls the house looks like a cyclone came through most of the time.  Lorenzo doesn’t like to enforce rules on the girls, but I have created a chore chart to try to give them more responsibility and keep the house in order.  Unfortunately, it only gets done some of the time!



Lorenzo and I have been together for 4 years.  Even though he is 29 years my senior, he is the perfect man.  He used to have quite the playboy image in Hollywood and that was hard for me in the beginning, despite knowing the reason behind his choices in life. I try not to punish him for his past because I understand that he didn’t have a normal childhood and always yearned for family and partnership.  He would choose a partner and make it his goal to create a family, not knowing how to decide if they were the right one.  When I met him, I just fell in love. I was never into relationships and can’t really count more than 2 relationships that were “serious.”  I am very independent but Lorenzo’s tenderness, patience and devotion really broke through the wall that I put up.  In the past, Lorenzo chose women that wanted something from him and used him, but I am with him because we truly adore each other and he makes me feel safe. 


People think I am a gold digger and a bimbo. My age, Lorenzo’s history with women and the typical younger woman/older Hollywood man scenario sort of created the perfect storm so I get it, but it is hurtful. I work hard to provide for our family.  When I moved in with Lorenzo and the girls, we were in a tiny apartment and we actually had to make the living room our bedroom. We lived without any privacy for a year!  I paid to move us into our new apartment, bought all the new furniture for the entire house, pay for vacations and even bought Lorenzo his new Harley. However, Lorenzo does a lot too, like taking care of the rent and I always know that I can count on him if I need him. He is ALWAYS there for the kids and that is so beautiful to see because I am not sure that I would be so patient taking each of the girls somewhere and picking them up. He is like a taxi driver.


We are a very loving couple and look forward to cuddling and being with each other after a long day.  Even when I work a long day, I still find time to give Lorenzo a full body massage and make him his favorite fruit plate snack while he watches his favorite TV shows.  I just love to be with him and spend as much time together as possible.


I would say that Lorenzo is a kept man in pretty much every sense. I like that I take care of him. He does such a great job of making me feel special, loved and the center of his universe; it’s the least I could do for him.



All of the girls are really smart and trustworthy.  They can talk to us about anything.  They may go to their father first, but our relationships are strong enough that if he can’t help them, they’ll come to me.  Even though Lorenzo comes from Hollywood royalty, they aren’t interested in the entertainment business.  When we all go out, they are used to the paparazzi, but Lorenzo has done a very good job of sheltering them from that world.


Alexandra (16) is the most athletic.  She is our cheerleader.  She is smart and a little shy, but bold!  Her athletics keep her busy so she isn’t into boys that much, which is fine by me, but we trust her judgment and let her do what she feels is right.


Victoria (14) is our artist.  She has been drawing since she was in kindergarten and has a real gift for it.  She also does karate and has a brown belt.  She goes to Lorenzo’s old sensei once a week.  She is tough and keeps the boys away because they are scared of her!


Isabella (12) wants to be the next Rachel Ray!  She is a cooking fanatic.  She is also a neat freak and will even clean her sisters’ rooms without being asked.  She is very personable, but the most sensitive of the girls. 



Lorenzo and I both get up around 5:30AM.  I have my first workout of the day at 6AM, where Lorenzo and I do cardio training in the neighborhood for about 30-40 minutes.  He will get the kids out of bed at 6:30AM for school.  While they are getting ready, he makes them their bag lunch every day.  He is such a hands-on dad and he loves doing it.  Most days, I take the girls to school on my way to work.  I work at the egg donor clinic from 8AM-5PM every day but sometimes stay later as there is such an incredible amount of work to do.  Lorenzo will go off to flight school once or twice a week.  If I can get off work, I’ll go with him because I love the ride! If he has a gig, then he’ll go do that as well.


He then picks the girls up from school around 4PM.  And he will take them to their various activities.  Since we are all so busy, everyone will nuke a pre-made meal out of the fridge if they are hungry or we will bring home sushi or some other yummy takeout on a cheat day to switch it up.  I make a week’s worth of meals one day a week so everyone has something to eat during the week.  I have my second training session after work for about an hour, using strength and weights.  We try to get together around the TV at night to regroup and spend some time together as a family, whether in the family room or our bedroom.


From Thursday-Saturday, I’ll come home for dinner, but then I am off to my second job as a bottle service girl at the local club from 9PM-4AM. 


Our weeks are very busy, but Lorenzo and I squeeze in couple time wherever it will fit. It is important to note that I also like to give Lorenzo his alone time. After picking up the kids from their afternoon activities, Lorenzo is exhausted. He likes his down time on the patio with a cigar. He does NOT want to be bothered during this time, and rightfully so.



I do all of the cooking for the family, since I am the one who is on a strict diet.  I could burn water, but Lorenzo says I am just humble and he enjoys my food.  I will cook meals for the whole week one night a week so that I can weigh them out and put them in containers for each person to grab on the go.  I usually cook pretty healthy, just some chicken breasts and sautéed vegetables.  That is about the extent of my cooking expertise.


This house can look like it was hit by a cyclone most of the time.  With five people living under one roof, it, is hard to keep it orderly.  Lorenzo feels like the girls have a ton of homework and he doesn’t want to load them up with more responsibilities.  I have a different take on things and have tried to implement a simple chore chart.  I gave each girl two chores that she needs to do three times a week but it rarely gets done.  We have a housekeeper who comes in twice a week to pick up the slack.  I still think the girls need to learn responsibility so I’m trying to keep on them about chores.  Although we are in a bigger place, we still have very little personal space so I feel it is that much more important to keep things tidy.



When I met Lorenzo I was instantly attracted to him, but I have to admit that his wardrobe left something to be desired.  Once we got together I started shopping for all his clothes.  He moans that he doesn’t like them and feels ridiculous in skinny jeans and hoodies at his age, but I think he looks great and I think he secretly likes what I dress him in.  I won’t let him out of the house without checking his outfit first.  Sometimes he tries to sneak in a couple eccentric accessories, but I nix them right away unless the occasion is appropriate.  I still want him to be himself and feel comfortable but I want him to look his best.



I am definitely the enforcer in the house.  Lorenzo will let the kids get away with a lot more than me.  I used to drive myself crazy because I wanted them to be more responsible. They are good girls overall, but I am the kind of person in the house who thinks things need to be done a certain way and I feel that the girls need to be more responsible. 


Please enjoy my full house.  There is never a dull moment and you’ll have to stay on your toes to keep up!


-- Shawna



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