Household Manual: Sisqo's Family

By Elizabeth | Jul 26th, 2013


Welcome to Baltimore and our beautiful home, where every day we’re “livin la vida loca” and loving “the finer things in life!”

As you know by now, my significant other is the entertainer Sisqo, best known for the famous 90’s hits, “The Thong Song” and “Incomplete” and being a founding member of the R&B group Dru Hill.

Our immediate family consists of our out-of-control 11-month old son Ryu, and our precocious 18-year old daughter Shaione, from Sisqo’s previous relationship. 

You’ve probably already noticed we’re an extremely neat and tidy family… meticulously so. Our house has a place for everything and everything is in its perfectly positioned place!  On that note, I hope you left your shoes at the door because no one is allowed to wear them in the house!

Sisqo is extremely obsessed when it comes to organization.  The remote controls need to be completely aligned on the tables or he can’t sleep.  His closet must have everything hanging in perfect symmetry and his dresser drawers need to be perfectly packed, with each item rolled appropriately. 

Sisqo and I are very particular about our health and appearance.  We limit ourselves to 1,200 calories a day and only eat once a day.  (I admit to cheating sometimes but only when Sisqo is out of town.)   Sisqo will only eat those 1200 calories served in a proper presentation and only on a square plate. Otherwise, forget about it.

We exercise regularly and every day we walk one mile around our neighborhood with baby Ryu in tow.  Sisqo insists that I wear a sauna suit and carry hand weights, since I have recently lost all of my baby weight and he wants me to keep it off.

Both Sisqo and I are extremely fashion forward and pride ourselves in wearing tailored, sexy, European fitting clothes. I hope you brought clothing in a wide array of colors because Sisqo and I typically color coordinate our outfits.

After 10 years together, Sisqo and I are still best friends. Our relationship is based on love and trust and when he’s not working we spend every minute together.  Although Sisqo and I are more in love now than the day we met, we’re in no rush to tie the knot.  The saying in our family is that, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”



Sisqo and I have wonderful relationship that is still packed with romance and passion. I believe the key to our happiness is that we truly like each other! Sisqo has an amazing sense of humor, is ambitious, loves his family, is a wonderful father, and I have complete trust in him when he is on the road.

Sisqo has nicknamed me “The Hawk” because I am always keeping an eye out for tasks that need finishing and schedules that need adjusting. I need to control what’s going on in my family’s life 24/7! I am also the self-proclaimed “Helicopter Parent.”  Ryu is never out of my sight and I am constantly monitoring him to ensure that he is safe, happy, and entertained.

I consider Sisqo and I to have a thoroughly modern relationship, as we share most responsibilities 50/50.  When he’s not touring, we both chip in with chores and child rearing duties.  Sisqo does all of the cooking, with the exception of my one-and-only specialty, Vietnamese Pho. 

I do all of the housework on the second floor of our home because we are extremely picky about the cleanliness and organization of our most personal space.  A housekeeper tackles the first floor but we have yet to find someone who can pass our white glove test!

Sisqo and I also spend a lot of quality time together going to movies, out to eat, and shopping. I am a fashion stylist and Sisqo counts on my fashion sense big time!  I pick out all of his performance outfits as well as the outfits for his dancers.  But, be warned… don’t ever hand Sisqo a round neck t-shirt because he wouldn’t be caught dead in one.  It’s V-neck or nothing! 



Shaione is Sisqo’s 18 year-old daughter from a previous relationship, who’s almost as famous as her dad.  “Shai” as we call her, was the little girl featured in Sisqo’s hit music video “The Thong Song.”  She is incredibly smart, precocious, and inherited her dad’s warm but wicked sense of humor.  Shai is ambitious, like her father, and just finished her first year of college. In between semesters she works fulltime at the local mall.  The biggest issue between Shai and her dad is that he wants her to follow in his footsteps!  Shai’s passion is physical therapy and has no interest in entertainment.   I love Shai as if she were my own. We are best friends and confidantes but I leave her parenting up to Sisqo and her mom.

Ryu is the little man of the house. At 11 months old, he knows what he wants and how to get it. He yells!  Ryu is fearless, sometimes a bully, and is quickly learning that the entire world is at his fingertips.  Sisqo and I admit we give him whatever he wants just to calm him down.  And, forget sitting at the table for meals.  Now that Ryu has started walking, he eats when he wants, where he wants; running through the house with chicken or fruit stuffed in his hands!  He definitely acts like an only child and thinks that the world revolves around him. Admittedly, we let him think that!



Sisqo is extremely particular about what and how much he eats and monitors my eating habits as well, per my request.  I am almost as stringent with my eating because Sisqo likes me to stay in shape (but when he’s out of town I grab the nearest bag of chips or slice of pizza!)

Sisqo eats just one meal a day, with the exception of his morning smoothie. He is also adamant about limiting himself to just 1,200 calories a day. He favors salad and white meat and never eats casseroles or heavy meals. When we dine out, he only eats half the portion served.  Sisqo feels an entire portion is more than one person needs and I abide by that when we’re together.  When we run out for a bun-less burger, it is always divided in half.

Please note that Sisqo will only eat on square plates.  I think this habit comes from watching so many cooking shows on television. Also, because he has traveled all over the world and experienced many culinary delicacies, if his food is not arranged in a perfect presentation on the square plate he refuses to eat. 

Ryu is starting to limit his food groups too, and is currently hooked on fruit and protein.  He eats, running room-to-room, on his own schedule.  We have given up getting him to sit at the table for a family meal.



Sisqo and I are adamant about maintaining a spotless house.  Since Sisqo does most of the cooking, I do most of the cleaning, with the exception of the first floor, which our housekeeper tackles.  Over the past few years, I have had to let go of several maids who could not keep up to our standards.  Shai is totally respectful and picks up after herself.

Sisqo’s closet must be kept extremely neat and he becomes very agitated if anything is out of place. He likes each dresser drawer perfectly packed, with all items rolled and tucked in precision order.  One of Sisqo’s biggest pet peeves is having remote controls lying “out of alignment” on the table.  If each remote isn’t in its proper place, he cannot sleep at night.



Sisqo prefers that I always look sexy.  He loves high heels and despises flats. (Ballet flats are forbidden!)   Sisqo also prefers I keep my body in shape so that I am always looking fashionable and fit.  Each day, we walk one mile around our neighborhood with the baby. Sisqo insists I wear a sauna suit when I walk to insure I keep off the baby weight I’ve already lost.

Sisqo still maintains his signature platinum hair and dyes it often. Because his hair attracts attention when we go out, he keeps it hidden under a hat, except during performances.

Sisqo’s just as fanatic about keeping Ryu’s hair picture-perfect and won’t let him out of the house without every strand in its proper and stylish place!  Ryu grows extremely fast so we don’t over indulge in buying him expensive clothes but, because he’s the son of a celebrity, he never leaves the house without being totally coordinated.



We allow Ryu to stay up with us watching movies in bed, sometimes until one or two in the morning.  Sisqo wakes up at around 9am, an hour or two before Ryu and I get out of bed. He uses this time to play his video games and answer work emails because it’s the only time he doesn’t have any interruptions.  Ryu and I get out of bed around 11am and I immediately start coffee for myself and make Sisqo his morning protein smoothie.  Sisqo takes over Ryu duties and together we discuss our plans for the day.

After Sisqo finishes his smoothie, we take our daily, one-mile walk around the neighborhood with the baby.  Sisqo asks that I wear a sauna suit and carry weights to ensure I keep off the old baby weight. After our walk, Sisqo will often go into the studio and I’m left to watch Ryu and clean. If Sisqo has the time, we shop for his wardrobe or catch a movie.

When he rehearses with the members of his band, he travels to the studio or has everyone over to the house.  It’s a lot of fun to have all of the music and energy in the house and I will typically prepare snacks and drinks for everyone.  Sisqo loves to show me off and have me hang out with the group too, and even includes Ryu as often as he can.



Sisqo and I are best friends.  He’s a hard worker and an awesome father. We honestly love to be together, we do almost everything together and our relationship feels as fresh as the day we met.

To help keep our love alive, we make sure to have a special date night once a week.  Our big, extended family jumps at the chance to come over to help with Ryu.  Sisqo makes me laugh and I always feel beautiful around him… probably because he constantly tells me I am.

I hope you have fun with my amazing family. And, I hope you’re not a big eater, especially since you’ll need to fit into my sauna suit!





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