Household Manual: Tiffany

By Tiffany | Jul 3rd, 2013


Welcome to our 7-acre home, where there “doesn’t seem to be anyone around…” and that’s just how my husband Benn and I like it. We moved to Tennessee to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city living and have the privacy we couldn’t anywhere else. My son, Elijah (20) is in college, but still lives with us part time. We also have 8 dogs, 2 turtles and 3 lizards that will need your constant attention.

Our life out here in the country hasn’t slowed down just because the nearest gas station is 7 miles away! I still perform and write music but also just opened my own vintage boutique. The boutique always keeps me busy buying the next great piece to add to my collection. My husband, Benn, is a car wholesaler and works 10-12 hrs a day seeking out cars and selling them to dealers. Elijah stays busy at school but he still comes home on the weekends to hang with Benn and me, when we are around.

We fell in love with the land out here, more than the home, so our house is always a work in progress. When we find time and take a break from our constant schedules, we love to sit back, enjoy our land and barbecue. Benn makes a mean rack of ribs and we love to share that time with family. Elijah will try to come home on the weekends to see us and eat some good grub!

My life can be quite busy and trying to squeeze in some family time is always tough, but I know you’ll enjoy my family! And please enjoy this country living. There is nothing like the kind of privacy you get out here!!



Benn and I try to split our roles in the home 50/50 but since we aren’t home together that much, we just try to get everything done. We moved to this small town in Tennessee, not to escape the industry, but to have a place that is part of nature and away from the hassles of the everyday world. So when we are at home, it is our little sanctuary. I love that we don’t have neighbors that are on top of us and I can just sit on the porch and not worry about being bothered by anyone or anything, like our old house in Los Angeles.

I am working constantly and consider myself a great multitasker. Benn will tell you that he has even seen me fall down the stairs because I’m on the phone trying to do a million different things. Benn is very much the same. My business might keep me working 20 hours a day, but his car business is a true 24 hours a day job. Of course we wish we had more time alone, but it is hard because we both love what we do and aren’t ready to slow down.



Benn and I have been together for 10 years. We met in England at a pub and were married 18 months later. We both have big family values but respect that each of us has work that keeps us away from the home. We both love our work but like to spend time together whenever we can squeeze it in. We make all the household decisions together; we are very much a team. Since Benn doesn’t work in show business and has no desire to be in the limelight, he is happy to give me the stage.

We look forward to the nights that we can put all of our business aside and spend time together, over a meal or just a drink. One day, I think we’ll both be ready to retire but I can never imagine stopping work all together.



Elijah is my son, who is in college. He and Benn get along great and have a good relationship. Elijah is in his 3rd year at Western Kentucky University and does not live at home full time. You’ll see him pop in and out and is around most weekends. He is quiet and the brains of the family. He doesn’t like to tell people who his mom is -- not because he’s ashamed but he just wants to make sure people like him for who he is and not because of who I am. We are both very proud of the man he has become.



Our house gets rolling at about 6:30AM. Mornings are our time to reconnect before both heading off to work. I’ll make coffee and we’ll eat breakfast together. Then I spend time tending to the dogs. Since there are 8 of them, there is a lot of feeding, playing and attention that needs to be given to each of them. Benn heads off to work (90 minutes away) around 7:30AM. This time in the morning is really important to us because, for the rest of the day, we head off in opposite directions to tend to our business.

Every day for me can be different, but one thing is sure, I’m always on the go. I might have a writers meeting in the morning or a session at a local studio working on my music. Then I need to stop by the boutique to meet with one of my buyers (or just to check in) and make sure everything is in order. All day, I’ll be on and off the phone, setting up the next gig or talking to my people about the next big idea. In the evening, I can be found at local live music venues performing my new songs in front of the public. Benn and Elijah will try to make it to these performances, if they can get out of their responsibilities in time.

I get home before Benn, around 7:30PM. It can be boring to come home and sit by myself until Benn comes home around 9PM. I might start dinner or eat something quick and Benn will make himself something when he gets home. I like to get to bed around 10PM, but Benn will stay up till about 1AM working or just having his downtime.



I cook everyday, no matter how busy I get. We try to eat together but it doesn’t always work out. Benn does business until the late hours, so he’ll just grab something when he gets home. We are very picky about food, so we like to eat at home over going out to eat. Benn likes to grill and, although he would love to do it every night, he usually finds he only has time to do it on weekends.

When we do find the time to sit down to a meal together, you’ll find Benn at the barbecue. He is famous for his ribs in peach preserves. The meal wouldn’t be complete without mashed potatoes and brown gravy.

Benn does the dishes because I hate doing them. I have been known to throw out a dish rather than clean it. The dogs make up most of the mess and we have to sweep and tidy up every day to keep the house looking proper.



Since I own a vintage boutique, I am very conscious of my style when I am outside of the home. We bought a home where we have no neighbors for a reason! If I am just at home, you’ll find me in cute sweats with my hair in a ponytail. Benn dresses casual, but trendy and my son is very much your typical college student.

Back in the 80s, I was known for wearing bedazzled jean jackets. These days, my style is more Bohemian and old Hollywood chic. My boutique is meant for the everyday housewife and young artists who are trying to get their signature style on a budget. I shop all over the world to introduce new items to Nashville.



Elijah is in college so we don’t see him as much as I would like. Benn and I are very proud that we raised such a respectful and intelligent son. It’s exciting for a parent to see your parenting skills -- good or bad -- come to fruition. I was a working mom (I guess I still am) and did rush through a lot of his childhood. But I think we did a good job, as we see him out of the house and in college. We joke that we must have ‘done something right’ because of how he turned out. He is a great kid but, like any 20 year-old, he tests us from time to time -- especially when he and Benn start talking about sports and cars, so watch out.

Please enjoy your privacy and time away in our secluded sanctuary. If you can, chain my son and husband down. I think you’ll enjoy them, too!

-- Tiffany



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