Tom Bergeron



He has not only hosted a myriad of shows on television and radio, but the master of unscripted banter himself also... (drumroll)... writes!

Emmy Award-winning host Tom Bergeron began his broadcasting career in 1972 in his hometown of Haverhill, MA, at the oh-so-tender age of 17—after convincing a radio station manager he was, um, 33. Lucky for him he was prematurely gray!

Bergeron spent over a decade with WBZ-TV in Boston, hosting a number of popular shows. (According to his revised math, he apparently did this while also attending grade school.)

In 1994 he became host of Breakfast Time on fX. (This was before the cable channel was successful enough to afford the upper-case F they now use.) The show morphed into Fox After Breakfast and moved to the FOX network, where the use of all upper-case letters offered little consolation—the show was canceled after one season.

Deftly dodging unemployment, Bergeron became fill-in anchor on Good Morning America in 1997, a position he held until segueing to Hollywood Squares in 1998.

While hosting Hollywood Squares, Bergeron multi-tasked his way into a fill-in anchor gig on CBS' The Early Show and also began hosting ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos. At present NBC still won't return his calls.

Bergeron tells the inside story of his start in local radio at age 17, move into improvisational theater, and rise to hosting high-profile gigs in his memoir I'm Hosting as Fast as I Can!: Zen and the Art of Staying Sane in Hollywood. This is the trying and laugh-out-loud journey that Bergeron took to get to know himself—including the ways he found to cope with balancing work, family and dreams. Read a sample.