Len Goodman



All about Len Goodman

He’s like the goofy British uncle you never had—complete with an unparalleled knack for the art of dance! Who could ask for more?

Len Goodman has been a head judge on Strictly Come Dancing, the original UK version of Dancing with the Stars. He was a professional dancer and dance teacher, and now runs his own successful dance school in Kent, England, where he resides.

Having performed his entire adult life—specializing in the form of Ballroom called Exhibition Dancing—Goodman has won the British Exhibition four times and was the runner up in the Exhibition World Championships.

Mr. Goodman has also been awarded the British Rising Star Award, the Carl Allen Award and, most recently, a Lifetime Achievement Award.

He is also an accomplished judge of Latin American and Ballroom professional dance competition, serving as a regular at the World and British Championships.