S10 E16 Results Show: Week Eight

05/10/10 | TV-PG | CC

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Gipsy Kings, College Competition, Dance Center, and, alas, elimination.

Quite a night, starting off with Nicole & Derek's encore "50s Paso" from last night, for which they earned a perfect score. This is definitely one dance worth seeing over and over.

Next, the always-fantastic Gipsy Kings performed their version of Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend" from Toy Story, accompanied by pros Cheryl & Tony and Dmitry & Kym. But it gets more awesome than that... In the upcoming Toy Story 3, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie dance the Paso Doble to the Gipsy Kings song, and Cheryl & Tony choreographed it!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of Cheryl & Tony
choreographing Buzz & Jessie's Paso Doble for
Toy Story 3

And without a chance to catch our breath, we're thrown into the comically critical world of Dance Center, hosted by "worst dancer" Kenny Mayne and season 2 finalist Jerry Rice (in a blonde wig?!!) along with the always-finicky judge Len Goodman. First up, a review of Niecy (nickname: "Dinnertime") and an educational look at her "jiggly parts." Next, reviewing Chad, they revealed he is said to have the softest lips in the world. Finally, Nicole, who is known for "loosening up buttons" and has digusting habits like spitting gum into Derek's mouth and smelling her armpits. They'll be back for more in a bit...

Now back to the results.

First, the completely expected delaration of Nicole & Derek as safe. (They had an almost perfect 59 out of 60 points last night, and they danced the encore. We weren't surprised by this result.) Unfortunately for Chad & Cheryl, they were then revealed to be in the bottom two, and Chad didn't seem too happy about that.

But there isn't time to stress, because it's time to dive into the College Dance Championships! The audience is filled with students from the two competing schools: Purdue University and UC San Diego.  First up, UCSD. The five pairs of dancers perform an impressive formation Samba to Patricia Manterola's "Que El Ritmo." The Judges were impressed with the interesting pattern changes the team performed, and they earned three 8's for 24 points.

Next, the Boilermakers from Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana, a team fairly new to formation ballroom, danced a Mambo to Tito Puente's "Ran Kan Kan." The judges loved their hip action and spirit, but hoped for more pattern changes in the routine. The team earned 22 points.

The Gipsy Kings returned for a second performance: the classic "Bamboleo." They were followed by another visit to Dance Center, where Evan was put under the spotlight, especially his hair ("black as a raven's wing," said Len) and his utter lack of excitement. Next, Erin is taken to task for calling the Ukranian Maks, Russian. Plus, they bicker like children! Ah, Dance Center, always getting to the truth.

Fun time is over, however. Time to make the cuts. First: Evan & Anna are safe and in the semi-finals. And then Erin & Maksim, coming off their highest-ever scores last night are in the semi-finals as well.

So it's down to Niecy & Louis and Chad & Cheryl. And Niecy Nash is eliminated.

Niecy was so gracious and positive with her elimination: "I was able to survive in this competition this long against some fantastic people....I've had such a fantastic time being able to live out my dream right there. I'm a happy girl." And she thanked Louis for "molding this lump of clay into something." Plus her her mother and her "Mr. Wonderful" who showed up to support her every week.

Now see Niecy & Louis' interview tonight on Jimmy Kimmel.


Comments from Meg and Karl at He Said/She Said

"Sorry Karl, your Miss Jiggly is out of the competition. It came down to Chad and Niecy and she just didn't score enough votes. I have to admit, I'm gonna miss her too, she's so funny and I enjoyed watching her improve. Dang, watching her past performances and comments, she's hilarious and an inspiration!" -- Karl

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