Dancing with The Stars: All-Stars Cast Announced, Bringing Back Fan Favorites

By | Jul 27th, 2012


The new cast and Executive Producer of Dancing with the Stars were in Beverly Hills talking about the exciting new All-Star season. Here’s the scoop from some of the major players:


Kelly let us know that the announcement of the partners will be coming on August 13th.


Gilles says that he dances every day as he has a five-year-old daughter. He later added that he doesn’t want to get another surgery after the show this time around.


If this group were The Avengers, Drew would like to claim the role of Thor. He’s going to try to apply what he learned in Season 2. Drew does NOT want to be in the “bottom two” any week.


Pam was asked to dance in a multitude countries since her time on the show, but hasn’t done a lot of Cha Cha-ing lately

CONRAD GREEN (Executive Producer)

Thinks it’ll be a competitive season as far as dance ability, but will also be a very warm season as far as friendly competition. There will probably be a few tweaks format-wise because of the high-caliber of the performers. But it’ll be essentially the same show. They want the season to be a celebration of the wide range of talent that has been part of the show.


Tom is glad to have the All-Stars here because he doesn’t have to be as nice now. He expects to interact with the new cast more like he does with the judges, as far as banter.


Brooke is pretty good at multitasking, but she can’t host and dance at the same time.


One of his sponsors wanted him to do a dance performance. That was the only time he did the Quickstep.


When asked about her reality show path, Bristol believes the press is going to talk about her either way, so she might as well have fun. Tom adds that she hasn’t really gone “full Kardashian.”

Bristol revealed that she won’t be dancing in a monkey suit this time around. When she was asked if there’s anything she likes about all her issues with the press, Bristol had a great response. She said, “Do I like to provide for my son? Yes, I do.”


Melissa didn’t say much at the preview event during the panel time, but we have to believe that she’s happy to have more than just a few days to prepare for the show this time around.

But the cast is not complete. In a shocking twist, a final slot remains for one lucky All-Star to join this unprecedented season of Dancing, and it's up to the fans to decide who it is! From now until 12 Noon PT on FRIDAY AUG 24, fans can cast their votes online at for potential All-Stars Carson Kressley, Kyle Massey or Sabrina Bryan. Cast your votes now, and tune in for the Season Premiere of ABC's Dancing with the Stars MONDAY SEPT 24 8|7c!

Meet the All-Star cast!


If you have a favorite who didn't make the cast or want to debate the final three potential All-Stars with your fellow fans, take it to the comments!