PHOTOS: Season 16 Final Four

By | May 20th, 2013

The Season 16 finalists have one last chance to make an impression on the judges and viewers during the final performance show, but let's look back at some of our favorite performances so far! Want more? Check out the Final Four gallery here.

Alexandra and Mark's Salsa - Week 7

Remember Alexandra and Mark's energetic, fun-filled Salsa on Latin Night? There was a dramatic build-up to the performance, as Mark hurt his back during practice and Alexandra had to rehearse with pro Henry Byalikov all week. But Mark made a speedy recovery and the couple earned their first 10s of the season! See more of Alexandra and Mark in the Final Four Gallery.

Kellie and Derek's Jazz - Week 2

Kellie and Derek wowed with their futuristic Week 2 Jazz routine to Ellie Goulding's "Lights." They tied with Zendaya and Val for the highest score of the night! See more of Kellie and Derek in the Final Four Gallery.

Jacoby and Karina's Jive - Week 5

Jacoby pulled off one of the most impressive moves of the season when he jumped over partner Karina during his Jive, and showed just how far he'd come since Week 1. See more of Jacoby and Karina in the Final Four Gallery.

Zendaya and Val's Jive - Week 2

With this Jive in Week 2, Zendaya proved she was a force to be reckoned with in the ballroom, despite being the youngest competitor ever! She and Val earned the first 9s of the season (followed later in the performance by Kellie and Derek), and tied with Team Pickler for the highest score of the night. See more of Zendaya and Val in the Final Four Gallery.