The Glitter Report: Week 9 - American Icons Night

By Jim Donnelly | May 13th, 2014

It was American Icons Night during Week 9 of Dancing with the Stars as the remaining teams tackled the semifinal round. One of the five remaining teams fell just short of the final four. Legendary choreographer and director Kenny Ortega sat in as a guest judge as the stars and pros continued to give it their all in the quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy. Now, onto the highlights!

Start Spreadin’ the News: Olympian Scott Hamilton stopped by to give Charlie a little inspiration during his rehearsal week with Sharna. Whatever he said certainly worked. Charlie’s foxtrot to “New York, New York” was “A-Number One, Top of the List” with a rousing solo spinning finish. We had to say goodbye to Charlie, but he certainly left us with something to remember him by.


Stressed Out: Olympic skating legend/former Dancing champ Kristi Yamaguchi paid a visit to Meryl during her rehearsal week. Perhaps she would have been better served to have a chat with Maks. He was a little stressed. Fortunately, his friendship with his partner helped this team get back on track and led to a perfect jive. Oh, and there was some kissing, too. Watch the before and after.



Doing the Work: Legendary music producer L.A. Reid popped by to tell James just what made Michael Jackson so special. It’s simple. He worked hard to be the best. James took this comment to heart as he and Peta prepared to do their cha cha to Michael’s “Love Never Felt So Good.” It was a fine routine with a cool little toss of the chapeau at the end.


Another Jackson Tribute: Call her Ms. Cameron Bure if you’re nasty. Watch Candace channel her inner-Janet Jackson for a slick jazz routine with Mark.


Dinner of Three: Amy got a call from Oprah, who just happens to be one of her heroes. The feeling is mutual. Oprah promises to take her out to dinner after she wins it all. Derek, too. Their first routine, the quickstep, was light, bubbly fun. Their second dance was a jazz classic that garnered lots of praise from the judges and lots of love for a table.


The Quotes Are In:

Kenny (to Charlie after his foxtrot): “It was like you were the toast of New York dancing out there on that stage.”

Len (to Amy after her quickstep): “There was plenty of bounce to the ounce.”

Bruno (to James after his Michael Jackson-friendly cha cha): “All in all a thriller of a cha cha cha.”

Len (to Meryl after her jive): “No peril Meryl, that was fantastic.”

Carrie Ann (after getting a kiss from Maks): Meryl, what is going on here? You’ve turned Maks into something warm and fuzzy.”

Bruno (to Candace after her jazz routine): “I never saw that side of you before. Nasty but testy.”

Another Perfecto: The last routine of the evening was another perfect performance from Meryl and Maks. Hard to believe this team was actually in jeopardy before being told they were headed to the finals. Dances like this one are the reason why.


Highlights of the Night: We had to say goodbye to Charlie as we head into the finals. Now here’s a rundown of all the Week 9 routines as the remaining teams continue their quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy.


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