Carlos Solis

Played by Ricardo Antonio Chavira



  • Married, then divorced, 
    then remarried Gabrielle Solis
  • Father of Juanita and Celia
  • Ex-con

When we first met Carlos Solis, he was a brilliant executive with a fiery temper whose long hours and neglect led his wife straight into the arms of their teenage gardener. After a stint in jail for dubious business practices and an affair of his own, Carlos realized that nothing would keep him apart from Gabrielle, even when he was tragically blinded. Their love, while volatile, was too strong to ignore.

They decided to remarry and, to her shock and his delight, had two beautiful children. Carlos found a new richness in his life, finally fulfilled as a father. Then, in a true miracle, a successful surgery gave him back his sight. He reluctantly returned to work, and their life slowly returned to normal.

Until Bree's son, Andrew, came clean and confessed that he was the hit-and-run driver who hit Carlos's mother, resulting in her death. Carlos was outraged not only at Andrew, but at Bree for covering it up and keeping the truth from him for years. He said that he couldn't forgive her. But this changed when Carlos found Gabrielle's abusive stepfather attacking her and accidentally killed him. Bree led the charge in concealing the crime so Carlos wouldn't go to jail, resulting in a reconciliation between Carlos and Bree. But how will Carlos, a deeply religious man, deal with being a murderer, whether it was an accident or not?


You can pretty much declare that Ricardo Antonio Chavira’s Desperate Housewives character Carlos Solis has one of the most high maintenance wives on television. Luckily this South Texas native is more than up to the challenge of the role.
Chavira was born in Austin and raised in San Antonio, where he graduated from Robert E. Lee High School. He received his MFA from the highly regarded UC-San Diego's Professional Actor Training Program in 2000, and moved to Los Angeles shortly thereafter.

Film credits include Touchstone's The Alamo and several independent features. Television credits prior to Desperate Housewives include a series regular role on The Grubbs, recurring roles on Six Feet Under and The Division, and guest star roles on Joan of Arcadia, Kingpin, 24 and JAG, as well as NYPD Blue.

His success on Desperate Housewives has afforded him the opportunity to help in the fight against Breast Cancer, a cause that became highly personal to him at the age of 15, when he lost his own mother to breast and ovarian cancer. He is San Antonio's honorary spokesman for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Chavira's greatest achievement and honor, however, was the birth of his son, Tomas Antonio Chavira, in 2003.