Mike Delfino

Played by James Denton



  • Remarried to Susan Mayer
  • Neighborhood plumber
  • Father of Zach and M.J.

When Mike Delfino first rolled into Fairview under the guise of your hunky neighborhood plumber, the women of Wisteria Lane were quickly drawn in by his rugged good looks. But Mike wasn't searching for love when he first arrived. He was trying to track down his missing ex-girlfriend, Deirdre, on orders from her dying dad. When he ultimately discovered the truth behind Deidre's death, he was introduced to the son he never knew he had, Zach Young. Along the way met the love of his life, Susan Mayer.

Mike and Susan eventually got married, had a son, and the rest is history, right? Not exactly…there have been a few speed bumps on the road to happily ever after: Mike's addiction to pills, a brief divorce following a tragic car accident, Mike's romantic relationship with Susan's best friend Katherine Mayfair, as well as the collapse of Mike's business which has forced his family off Wisteria Lane and into a low-rent apartment.

We've seen Mike bounce back before but it's going to take more than just good looks and the love of a good woman to get out of this one. But, if there's one thing we've learned, never underestimate the neighborhood plumber.


James Denton has us all wishing for faulty pipes due to his role as the world's sexiest plumber, Mike Delfino, on ABC's smash hit, Desperate Housewives. Along with the rest of the cast, Denton was honored with the 2006 and 2005 SAG Award for Best Ensemble in a Comedy.

A native of Nashville, Denton has been one of Hollywood's busiest actors since he hit town with a training background in the Chicago theatre.

Originally attending college on a basketball scholarship, Denton wasn't bitten by the acting bug until he was 20. He landed the role of George Gibbs in a Nashville production of Our Town, but thought there was a more solid career in selling advertising. After four years, he headed for Chicago to risk everything to become a professional actor.

After earning a key casting when the Untouchables series came to town to film, Denton was drawn to Los Angeles, where his strong theatre reputation had preceded him, and he was quickly locked in with choice turns in film, on TV and on stage.

He started building his big screen profile with performances in such films as Primary Colors, Face/Off and That Old Feeling. In 1997 he landed the role of the eerily sociopathic Mr. Lyle on NBC's hit drama show, The Pretender. The NBC series' multi-year run was followed by The Pretender television films, Pretender 2001 and Pretender: The Island of the Haunted.

Acting obviously is serious work for the handsome and athletic star. Denton's first role in Chicago theatre was as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, and his last was the terrorist on the French farce, Lapin, Lapin. He was a company member of the Griffin Theatre and at the Strawdog Theatre Ensemble. He added a steady string of roles and accolades to his quickly growing list, including one of the leads in the world premiere of Flesh and Blood, performing in and composing the music for The Night Hank Williams Died, and his portrayal of Kentucky preacher C.C. Showers in The Diviners, which gained him a coveted Joseph Jefferson Best Actor nomination. For these performances, Denton was listed as one of Chicago's hottest actors by Screen Magazine. In Los Angeles he appeared in the premieres of Asylum at the Court Theatre, Locked Up Down Shorty's at the Powerhouse Theatre and In Walked Monk at the Hudson Theatre.

In addition to his series-starring roles on TV, his guest appearances include JAG, Slider, Dark Skies, Two Guys and a Girl, Ally McBeal and The West Wing.