Season 1
Season 1 | Episode 101 | Aired 10/02/2004
Lynette is mortified when her three sons jump into the pool at Mary Alice’s wake. She wades in, fully dressed, to get them out. When she runs into an old work colleague at the grocery store, a frazzled Lynette lies and says she’s happy being a stay-at-home mom. Husband, Tom (Doug Savant), arrives home early from a business trip, much to Lynette’s relief. But when Tom wants to have unprotected sex—and risk getting her pregnant again—Lynette socks him in the jaw. Tom may want to think again about getting some protection.

Gabrielle doesn’t want to attend a party with her hubby, Carlos (Ricardo Chavira). It’s being thrown by Carlos’ boss, who is always trying to grope her. As soon as Carlos is gone, Gabrielle falls into the arms of her teenage gardener, John, with whom she's been having a secret affair. Heading out for the boss’ party, Carlos notices the yard hasn't been mowed. Rather than risk having John fired, Gabrielle sneaks away from the party and mows the lawn—in her long dress and high heels. Landscaping never looked so good!


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