Season 1
Pretty Little Picture
Pretty Little Picture
Season 1 | Episode 103 | Aired 10/16/2004
Bree doesn't want the kids to know that Rex is sleeping on the couch, so she wakes him up early to move back into the bedroom. She then sabotages the springs of the sleeper sofa.

Susan convinces the other women to go through with a dinner Mary Alice had planned. Bree agrees to host. Susan despairs at being the only single woman there, but then Mike jogs by. The men of Wisteria Lane are less enthusiastic about the dinner - Carlos is busy and Tom says he's too tired from traveling and begs Lynette to cancel the sitter. Rex is tired of keeping up appearances about his and Bree's marriage. She informs him that their cover story for therapy is they're taking tennis lessons.

After arguing with her ex-husband Karl, Susan feels bad and asks him to come over, intending to apologize to him. When he stops by, he catches her just out of the shower, wearing only a towel. During their ensuing argument, she slams his car door angrily -- right on her towel, which he takes with him as he drives off. She's naked in her front yard! And she's accidentally locked herself out! She's hiding in the bushes when Mike happens by and says he'd love to go to dinner. "I assume the dress is casual," he jokes at her expense.

Zach finds the gun Mary Alice used to kill herself and demands to know why his father kept it and why he won't talk about her at all. Just then Bree stops by to invite them to the dinner, but Paul declines. Zach is disappointed but thanks Bree for remembering his mother.

Gabrielle is making out with John in her foyer when a neighbor girl looking for her lost ball sees them through the glass door. Gabrielle decides the best bet is to bribe her with a doll. But what she really wants is a bike. When Gabrielle buys her one, she assumes that's the end of the blackmail, except now she has to teach her how to ride it!

Lynette blows her top when she sees photos from Tom's business trip of him downing margaritas with the guys at a Mexican restaurant. He says they can go to the dinner party, but she's already canceled the sitter, so he agrees to babysit. Irked when Tom is dismissive of the difficulties of taking care of the boys, Lynette urges the kids to load up on sugar.

At the dinner party, when Carlos peppers Rex with questions about tennis, Rex admits that he and Bree are in marriage counseling. Everyone is shocked but Bree plasters on a fake smile and says "Dinner is served."The mood is tense until Susan breaks the ice with her humiliating experience earlier that day. Lynette and Gabrielle both admit similarly embarrassing incidents. But the laughter stops when Bree blurts out, "Rex cries when he ejaculates." A furious Rex grabs his keys and leaves.

After dinner, Susan thanks Mike for being a perfect gentleman and he admits he snuck a peek. "And for what it's worth, wow!" he says. When Karl shows up with his new girlfriend, Brandy, the next day, Susan apologizes to both of them, even if they won't do the same for her. And then it's Brandy, not Karl, who offers the long-awaited apology.

Lynette tells Tom about the dinner fiasco and then asks him "Are we happy?" He reassures her by putting on a sombrero and making margaritas.

Rex is moving to a hotel while Bree cheerfully packs for him. When she asks him why this is happening, he says it's because she can't even let him pack his own suitcase.

A distressed Bree stops by Dr. Goldfine's office to ask him what Rex said in his private session. While he delays his next client, she notices audiotapes of his sessions and decides to take Rex's. Instead, she only has time to grab a tape marked "Mary Alice."

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