Season 1
Who's That Woman
Who's That Woman
Season 1 | Episode 104 | Aired 10/23/2004
The women listen to Mary Alice's therapy tape, which reveals that her real name was Angela, and that she was having recurring nightmares about a girl she feared. Susan convinces the others that they should show Paul the threatening "I know what you did" note they found among Mary Alice's things. He is shaken, but later tells Lynette and Gabrielle that Mary Alice was "not a well person" and probably wrote the note herself. Gabrielle observes, "I think he's lying." Paul hires a private investigator to find out who sent the note.

Andrew forces Bree to admit that Rex isn't out of town on business, but has moved out. When Andrew doesn't come home one night, she tracks him to a strip club where she humiliates him into coming home with her. To teach him a lesson, she removes the door to his bedroom.


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