Season 1
Who's That Woman
Who's That Woman
Season 1 | Episode 104 | Aired 10/23/2004
As Susan stands guard in front of the Huber house, Mike happens by and asks Susan out again. Just then Edie comes home, and in a desperate bid to keep her from going into the house while Julie's there, Susan ends up talking her into going to the movie with Mike instead, much to Mike's confusion and Edie's delight. Later that evening, Mrs. Huber confronts Susan about the missing measuring cup, but Susan admits she's destroyed it.

Gabrielle is taking a romantic bath with John when the cable guy shows up, three hours late. He slips on the wet bathroom floor and hits his head on the tub and has to be taken out in an ambulance. Seeing all the candles laid out, and considering how late the cable guy was there, Carlos is suspicious. When he finds a man's gym sock under the bed, Gabrielle hustles to come up with an unlikely excuse -- the maid uses them to dust. Gabrielle buys sandals for John so that Carlos won't see him wearing gym socks. Deciding the cable guy was messing around with his wife, Carlos shows up his house and beats him up, only then noticing all the photos of handsome men and posters for Broadway shows. "Is this because I'm gay?" asks the hapless cable guy. "Yeah," mutters Carlos and runs out. Watching the news later that night, Carlos sees the incident is being interpreted as a hate crime. The police sketch looks familiar to Gabrielle, but she wisely chooses not to say anything.


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