Season 1
Anything You Can Do
Anything You Can Do
Season 1 | Episode 107 | Aired 11/20/2005
It turns out Mike is investigating the disappearance of Kendra's sister, who was last seen at the Saddle Ranch. Edie tells Susan she overheard Mike and Kendra say they were going to a cowboy bar for drinks, so the two rivals follow them there. When Mike sees Susan, she tries to convince him she's not following him by saying she's just there to ride the mechanical bull. But klutzy Susan gets knocked off her feet by the bull before she even gets on. While Mike fetches some ice for Susan's head, Kendra tells her to ask Mike why he really moved to Wisteria Lane.

Edie meets with Paul about selling his house. When Paul sees her stationery, he realizes it's exactly like the blackmail note. He meets with his P.I. and is told his options: "For five grand, she's hurt, for 10 grand, she's gone." The P.I. sees Edie out at the bar and makes his move.


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