Season 1
Suspicious Minds
Suspicious Minds
Season 1 | Episode 109 | Aired 12/11/2004
Bree wants to punish Andrew further for the hit-and-run by making him quit the swim team, but Rex disagrees, saying he'll lose his chance at a scholarship. Then Bree flips out when she discovers that Andrew's been smoking pot and demands he pee into a container. Tracking Rex down at the the golf course, Bree tries to hand over Andrew's urine sample to him so it can be tested. Rex refuses and tells her he's glad they're getting divorced because he's tired of how she's always pushed him around. Hurt and angry, Bree opens the container and throws the urine on him in retaliation. Bree finds out Andrew keeps his pot stash in his gym locker and plans to take it away from him. But then she gets a better idea: She anonymously tips off the school, resulting in his being kicked off the swim team, just as she'd wanted.


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