Season 1
Come Back to Me
Come Back to Me
Season 1 | Episode 110 | Aired 12/18/2004
During an S&M session with Maisy, Rex has a heart attack. Bree rushes to the hospital and sees Maisy's name on the admitting sheet. Bree asks Maisy pointblank if she's having an affair with Rex. Maisy cheerfully admits she's been seeing him because he has certain "needs" that he doesn't feel comfortable sharing with Bree, but that he still loves his wife. At the hospital, Bree tells Rex she's glad he's doing better because now she can tell him what's been on her mind: She's going to get the most vindictive lawyer she can find and "eviscerate" him. "I am so glad you didn't die before I had a chance to tell you that," she says coldly before walking out.


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