Season 1
Every Day A Little Death
Every Day A Little Death
Season 1 | Episode 112 | Aired 01/15/2005

Martha Huber's body is discovered and the news travels fast around Wisteria Lane. Susan stops by to offer her sympathy, her sister, Felicia, tells her she's going through Martha's diaries before turning them over to the police. Worried that the accidental arson of Edie's house is going to come out now, Susan realizes her only option is to come clean to Edie.

First she decides she has to get on Edie's good side, and the only way to do that is to go with her to scatter Martha's ashes. Edie becomes suspicious of why Susan is being so nice to her but Susan says it's just because she feels bad for how she's treated her in the past. When they're ready to toss the ashes, Edie starts to cry because she is so touched by Susan's kindness. Feeling horribly guilty, Susan admits to the arson and Edie throws the ashes in her face. Edie says she won't go to the police, but rather than have the rest of Martha's ashes go down the shower drain, she hoses Susan off in her front yard, deciding that's a suitable last resting place for Mrs. Huber.


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