Season 1
Every Day A Little Death
Every Day A Little Death
Season 1 | Episode 112 | Aired 01/15/2005
Lynette is frustrated when she can't get into her yoga class because the day care always fills up before she can get there. A gum-in-hair incident forces her to shave her son Parker's head, who also just happens to have a cold. The next time she shows up at the yoga class, the receptionist sees his shaved head and mistakenly assumes when Lynette says he's sick, that he has cancer. Taking pity on Lynette, she agrees to sneak all of her children into day care. Lynette tries to correct her, but she can't resist the offer. This deception goes on until Parker meets a real cancer suvivor. Forced to reveal the truth, Lynette realizes she's ruined her karma for that particular yoga studio.

Carlos is finally let out of jail, but Gabrielle is dismayed to find out that he can't work because he's under house arrest. When Gabrielle comes home with a bucket of chicken, exhausted from a 10-hour day of modeling, she doesn't want to hear Carlos starting in again on the baby talk. To prove she can control him, she takes the chicken and walks across the street where he can't follow unless he wants to set off the alarm on his ankle monitor. The next day, he orders replacement birth control pills to be delivered, which he painstakingly replaces with placebos.


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