Season 1
Ladies Who Lunch
Ladies Who Lunch
Season 1 | Episode 116 | Aired 03/26/2005
Since Edie has the key to Paul's house and knows he'll be away, the two women decide to do some snooping. They find a tape labeled "Utah, Angela Award Party," that Paul was watching earlier. The women don't get a chance to see what Paul saw -- that Felicia is on the tape too -- because just then Paul comes home and the women hide behind the couch.

Edie pops out and tells him she is there to return the key, but when he doesn't buy that, she kisses him. That leaves Susan free to make her getaway, where she runs into Mike. She hasn't been returning his phone calls, so he takes the opportunity to assure her he's not a cold-blooded killer. And then he kisses her.

After Edie leaves, Paul discovers the tape hidden in the sofa cushions -- not at all where he left it.


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