Season 1
Children Will Listen
Children Will Listen
Season 1 | Episode 118 | Aired 04/09/2005
Amid their ongoing arguments about whether to have children - Carlos is for it, and Gabrielle is dead-set against it - the lawyer from the hospital shows up at the Solis' with the settlement check for the negligence case over Mama Solis' death. Carlos is furious that Gabrielle didn't tell him about the money sooner so he could have used it to fight having to go to jail. She tells him he deserves to go to jail and that at least this way, they'll have money when he gets out.

He threatens to divorce her and cut her out of the settlement unless she signs a post-nuptial that will alter the terms of their pre-nup. She counters by saying she knows about his bank account in the Cayman Islands -- proof of his illegal profits. He threatens to divorce her and she threatens to go to the police. But then he moves the money so she can't blackmail him anymore. So he physically forces her to sign the post-nup.

After Carlos' attack, she runs to John's apartment. When John sees the bruises on her wrist, he wants to settle things with Carlos, but she says kissing her is the best revenge. Gabrielle doesn't know that Carlos has been tampering with her birth-control pills, so when she sleeps with John, Mary Alice tells us in voiceover, Gabrielle becomes pregnant!


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