Season 1
One Wonderful Day
One Wonderful Day
Season 1 | Episode 123 | Aired 05/21/2005
Rex's doctor says his potassium levels are abnormally high and asks him who prepares his meals. When Rex says it's Bree, the doctor points out their recent marital problems and reminds him of the time Bree fed him onions, nearly killing him. Rex insists that was an accident and orders the doctor out. But he writes a note to Bree saying he's forgiven her.

Bree is home when she gets a call from the doctor -- Rex has just died! She can't believe it -- his operation wasn't even scheduled until tomorrow! She numbly sits in her empty dining room, looking at the chair where Rex would normally sit. She goes into typical Bree coping mode by polishing the silver but then she dissolves into heartbroken sobs.


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