Season 2
You Could Drive a Person Crazy
You Could Drive a Person Crazy
Season 2 | Episode 202 | Aired 10/01/2005
Meanwhile, Mike wants to know where their relationship stands now that they're not moving in together. Susan says she wants to keep it "casual," but he doesn't know what that means. "We can still go see a movie," she explains, as he comes closer. "Anything else?" he asks and as he starts to kiss her, she says, "Brunch. We can go to brunch!" and runs away.

Rex's mother Phyllis publicly embarrasses Bree when she starts crying over Rex's death. So Bree slaps her! She apologizes later, but with Bree's uncanny composure and her eagerness to settle Rex's will, Phyllis starts to suspect Bree isn't sorry Rex is dead.


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