Season 2
You'll Never Get Away From Me
You'll Never Get Away From Me
Season 2 | Episode 203 | Aired 10/08/2005

On a visit to Rex's grave, Bree is horrified to discover that they've dug up his body. Her mother-in-law Phyllis has "forgotten" to tell her about the insurance investigator's suspicions that Rex was poisoned.

Bree promptly packs Phyllis's bags and sends her off in a taxi -- and then insists on taking a polygraph test to clear herself of all suspicion. But when they ask her if she loves George, the readout spikes. She tells George that he has to take a polygraph test too, because now they suspect the two of them of conspiring to poison Rex. When he asks why she didn't pass her test, she admits she might have feelings for him after all. George agrees -- and aces his test.


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