Season 2
You'll Never Get Away From Me
You'll Never Get Away From Me
Season 2 | Episode 203 | Aired 10/08/2005
Matthew convinces Betty that it's less suspicious to help Susan out, so Betty changes her mind and gives her lessons. Susan than forces Julie to choose between her and Edie for the talent show and Julie caves and picks her mother. But when it comes time to perform, Susan sees Edie in the audience and feels bad and asks her to play instead. Edie accepts, even though she doesn't have her guitar with her. She insists she can play piano too, only not very well as it turns out.

Mike goes to see how Felicia is doing and asks if she knows where he might be able to find Zach. She says that after he beat her and pushed her down the stairs, she's a little less interested in his well being. She's also disappointed to hear that he didn't end up killing Paul and warns he'll be back looking for Zach himself.


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