Season 2
My Heart Belongs to Daddy
My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Season 2 | Episode 204 | Aired 10/15/2005
Gabrielle accidentally incites a riot at the prison when she argues with her lawyer over conjugal visits and the inmates -- who appreciate seeing her on a regular basis -- take her side. She gets a new lawyer, one who instantly hits on her, but one who also successfully gets her her conjugal visits.

Susan and Mike are still being "casual" until she accepts that Zach is part of his life. So she tells him she's OK with that and even starts helping him look for Zach. Edie sees a flyer and tells Susan she knows that Mike's Zach's real father since Julie let it slip. Susan admits she doesn't think they'll actually find Zach and Edie tells her she's trying to have it both ways -- help Mike while not having to deal with Zach.


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