Season 2
The Sun Won't Set
The Sun Won't Set
Season 2 | Episode 208 | Aired 11/19/2005
After Gabby's intruder, Wisteria Lane residents hold a neighborhood watch meeting. Mrs. McCluskey suggests they hire a private security. With Caleb still at large, Betty, a former concert pianist, starts playing and the motion about private security is never put to a vote.

Lynette is troubled when she comes home at 9 p.m. to find the twins playing out in the front yard, which is now bright as daylight, thanks to Mrs. McCluskey's industrial-strength security lights. She chews Tom out for not keeping track of the boys. The next day he quizzes them on what they would do if a stranger tries to coax them into his car and the boys, who have clearly been drilled by their dad, answer that they'd run away. Lynette is unconvinced and persuades her coworker, Stu, to "kidnap" them.

When Stu shows up, Tom is aghast to find that his boys are all too willing to get into a stranger's car. But the faux kidnapping is interrupted when Mrs. McCluskey runs over and zaps Stu with a Taser.

Carlos is a wreck when Gabrielle visits him in prison and he's outraged that she's not more upset about losing the baby.

Bree, Susan and Lynette -- who took the day off work -- come over that afternoon to spend time with Gabrielle to help cheer her up. She tells them she's too busy and she'll call them when she has a free moment.

A stranger shows up at Gabrielle's house. He identifies himself as Hector, a prison pal Carlos sent to protect her. He just won't leave, and finally she decides to pay him off. On the way to the bank, he stops at a park and Gabby runs, convinced the ex-con is going to kill her. Instead, he takes a balloon out of the trunk. He tells her it's a symbol of the baby she lost and to let it go as a way to say goodbye. Although she thinks it's silly, she agrees, just to get him to leave. But she finds it's harder to let go of the balloon than she thought.

Susan asks Mike if he's going to be coming to her mother's wedding and he says not anymore, since they're broken up. She apologizes again, blaming her behavior on the fact that she never knew her father, a merchant marine who was killed in Vietnam. He points out that merchant marines don't fight.

At Sophie's wedding rehearsal, Susan demands some answers, since her research contradicts everything her mother ever told her. Morty's the one to tell her that her father was just a one-night stand of her mother's.

Susan decides to forgive Sophie for lying to her all these years. But then at the wedding, Sophie decides to tell her the truth. Her father is a married man who was Sophie's boss at the time -- and he works across town at a supply and feed store. In tears, Susan runs out.

Bree is furious with George when their engagement announcement appears in the newspaper since Rex has only been dead seven weeks. He says he just forgot to cancel the announcement and he insists she wear the engagement ring, which she has taken off because she says the stone is loose.

An old girlfriend of George's reads the announcement and warns Bree that George is a "whack job." Instead of taking her advice, Bree coldly tells her to leave. George says that the old girlfriend is the crazy one, and he has the faked anti-psychotic prescriptions to prove it.

Out at dinner, George starts in again about the ring. They're interrupted by an old boyfriend of Bree's, who she immediately asks to dance since George is being such a pill. George tries to force the ring onto her finger and causes such a scene Bree breaks off the engagement.

Caleb reappears and is apprehended by Mike and Mrs. McCluskey. The whole street watches as he's lead away in a squad car.

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